How Do Cell Phones Work? Can Orgonites Safeguard You And Prevent Cell Phone Radiation?

How Do Cell Phones Work? Can Orgonites Safeguard You And Prevent Cell Phone Radiation?

The greatest risk related to radiation emitted by mobile phones is a rise in temperature, which is harmful to the uppermost tissues of human body.

There are those who limit their use out of fear and those who use it immoderately, perhaps for work. Some say they favour the onset of tumours and those who believe it is an "urban legend". Cell phones emit radiation, or radio microwaves, that expands horizontally from the phone to everything around them. The closer you are to the device, of course, the greater the intensity of these waves.

These radiations are called non-ionizing, i.e. they are below one million GHz (Giga Hertz, that is, one billion Hertz). Furthermore, it is high-frequency radiation, like those of television and radio antennas. The greatest risk related to this type of waves is that of temperature rise, which can cause damage to the surrounding tissues.

  1. The battery, on the other hand, emits low-frequency waves and its danger depends strictly on the intensity of these waves. The same waves are emanated above all by the electricity distribution network; those who live near installations of this type risk a lot. There is, in fact, a higher incidence of type multiple sclerosis disease, disease Alzheimer's, cancer breast, leukaemia, brain tumour.
  2. Orgone is one of the most important energy technologies of our times. This simple mixture of resin, metal particles and quartz crystal have a surprisingly wide spectrum of positive effects. Orgonite is a mix of metals, resin and a quartz crystal. This simple but functional material creates a self-cleaning generator of orgone (bioenergy) energy.

The main function of orgone is to transform negative energies into positive energies. This happens within its internal crystalline matrix.

The orgone generates positive orgone energy/prana/chi/ki which is known for its positive influence on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sphere of life.

  • It is a powerful tool that can be used for protection and general well-being by promoting a balanced and positively charged environment.
  • Electromagnetic fields are invisible and inaudible to humans but harmful to all living organisms.
  • Most electromagnetic devices created by man produce orgone energy in its negative state (DOR).
  • This includes EMF, ELF, RF-electro-smog produced by mobile phones, wireless internet, home appliances, meters, high-voltage lines, radio towers, etc.
  • Orgonite attenuates the negative effects of electro smog by changing the negative and damaging orgone energy (DOR) below into balanced and healthy orgone energy.


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