How Do Orgone Pendants Work?

How Do Orgone Pendants Work?

Orgone pendants  are the device that is used for protection from the harmful electromagnetic radiations that can hurt our bodies in many ways. Orgone has been present from time unknown but in the 1930s it came into popularity for its many uses apart from protection from the harmful radiations. 

Orgone  is helpful in healing other physical and mental health symptoms, improve sleep disorders, and reduce stress and also, provide energy.

Orgone is considered to be the universal force that is present in everything on the earth and is known by many names such as Mana, Ki, Prana, Chi and such. Studies have proven that Orgone  is the building block of everything, organic and inorganic. Experts have found the flow of energy from within the body to the surface when there are positive emotions being experienced by the body and vice versa when one is feeling the negative emotions. Orgone helps in reducing the negativity from around the body.

What is Orgonite?

A mixture of resin, quartz, and metal that is known to balance the bio-energy is what constitutes Organite, otherwise known as the Orgone. Found and researched by the Austrian scientist, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, he found that the Organite  was attracted by the organic materials and repelled and attracted by the non-organic materials simultaneously. And this particular action of attraction and repulsion is what cleans out the negative energy from our bodies and helps in removing the effects of the electromagnetic radiation that is released from the gadgets around us.

Know how Orgone pendants work

Now, coming back to our main topic, let us understand how the Orgone pendants work. Orgone pendants remove negative energy from around you and also, any blocked energy so that there is a free-flowing energy to make us calm, relaxed and stress-free. Since the pendant is worn by us and is continuously touching our bodies, it is always dispelling any negative energies and harmful radiations from our gadgets.

The pendants are set in non-organic materials and thus upon wearing them, one starts experiencing relaxed mind, harmony, liveliness, and peace. Orgone pendants  help in reducing the harmful effects of the radiations by converting the positive ions into negative ions which are beneficial for your body. Orgone pendants also work towards balancing the internal energy fields within the body. 

Orgone pendants are mostly worn but can also be placed on the nightstand or under the pillow to help overcome insomnia and calm the mind. Carrying it around will help in increasing positive energy and will increase general positivity in your life.



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