How Do The Different Components Of An Orgone Device Work?

How Do The Different Components Of An Orgone Device Work?

Orgone  devices are made up of three basic components-

  • Metal shavings
  • Resin
  • Quartz Crystals

There are certain ways, in which each of the three components affects the working of the orgonite. All the three components have certain properties that have different impact on the orgonite and the corresponding energies.

Metal Shavings- The metals in the orgonite are known to attract and accumulate the aetheric energy that is all around. Once gathered, the energy is transformed into positive one and sent out again.

Aluminum- Since aluminum is the most easily available metal; it is used more often on making orgone devices. In research of properties of aetheric energies and metals, aluminum reflects aetheric energies more strongly than any other metal.

Copper- The metal copper is good of electricity and can also be used to transfer spiritual energies as well. It is primarily used for healing, love and luck.

Silver- Silver is known to have smooth healing quality to it. It is associated with emotions and connected to psychic abilities. Moreover, colloidal silver has been known to the world’s most powerful antibiotic.


Resin which is used as a component in making up the orgonite shrinks during the curing process (as it is liquid, curing process helps to harden it). While it shrinks it simultaneously and permanently squeezes the quartz crystals inside creating a piezoelectric effect in the crystal lattice. Due to this process the crystal end are electrically charged and cause the Orgonite to function more effectively.

Quartz Crystals-

In general terms, any quartz will suffice for the purpose of an orgonite. A macro crystalline quartz is good as well. However, when it comes to properties, each of the quartz has a unique property and characteristic. Let us see some of properties of different quartz.

  • Rock crystal is known to be an all-round stone that is balanced and not specific to any chakra.
  • White/Grey quartz is linked to no specific chakra and also to all the chakras at the same time. Hence, it is recommended as a primary stone in the orgonite.
  • Rose quartz is known to be associated with love and harmony.
  • Amethyst and lapis lazuli are known for meditation powers.
  • Black tourmaline, onyx or amethyst may be used for protection and grounding.

 Thus, each component has a special characteristic associated with itself. Thus, depending on the purpose of the orgonite, you can choose the relevant materials.



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