How Does Orgone Energy Work?

How Does Orgone Energy Work?

The concept of Orgone energy  is not new to most of us. A lot is being spoken about it, the healing benefits of Orgone energy and so on. In the 20Th Century, a psychiatrist named Dr. Wilhelm Reich detected and measured the existence of etheric energy also known as prana, chi, etc in different cultures.  Thus, he made Orgone device and named it Orgonite.  It basically consisted of organic and inorganic substance.

The modern Orgonite device is made up of 3 components- resin, metal shavings and quartz crystals. Additionally you can add semi-precious gemstones in order to achieve specific goals.

Working Of Orgone Energy-

The very first Orgone device was made up of layers of fiberglass (an organic substance) and steel wool (an inorganic substance). These would then attract and collect etheric or Orgone energy both in the positive and negative forms called as POR and DOR respectively.

Let us see how the modern age Orgone device is made and how it works-

An Orgone device/pyramid is made up of 3 basic components- resin, metal shavings and quartz crystals. The proportion of resin and metals shavings is 1:1 with little bit of quartz crystal. The addition of quartz increases the ability to efficiently collect, transform and emit the etheric energy. When resin in the Orgone mix is cured it shrinks and as a result of which quartz crystal is pressurized which creates a piezoelectric effect. This is what helps the Orgone to function.

When the Orgone  device comes in contact with NOR (Negative Orgone energy)it immediately acts and converts it into POR (Positive Orgone energy). And then releases it back into the atmosphere.

Other areas where Orgone energy works-

  • It protects one from the harmful effects of EMFs.
  • Energizes the environment
  • Accelerates the growth of plants
  • Acts as a preservative for foods and veggies
  • Improves sleep and induces vivid dreams
  • Improves relationships in places where the device is placed. Eg Home and office
  • Helps to reduce stress and, balances the body system and the healing within the body, i.e. it heals the energy blockages in the body and brings the body function to normal.
  • People with extreme fatigue and exhaustion have reported to experience improvement in their conditions.

Thus, Orgone energy acts as a healer of the body and the environment by transmuting  the negative energy into positive one and releasing it back .



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