Orgonite is a blend of sap, metals, and a quartz precious stone. This basic yet an extraordinarily useful material makes a self-propelled, self-purging, orgone vitality (bio-vitality) generator. The principle capacity of orgonite is transmuting negative energies into positive energies. This occurs inside its inward crystalline lattice. Orgonite creates positive orgone/prana/chi vitality that is known for its positive impact on the physical, mental, enthusiastic and otherworldly circles of life. It is an amazing asset that can be utilized for security, general prosperity, and furthermore helps to recuperate by making a fair and emphatically vitality charged condition. 

1. Cut a length of 1/2 inch copper or aluminum pipe into 13" lengths

2. Altogether tape one end of each pipe shut. In case you're not exhaustive, tar will spill out the base.

3. Incidentally, tape or wire seven of the funnels together so the entire will stand up independent from anyone else with the taped closures at the base. [Optional]

4. The orgonite "plug" in the base of each EP should be somewhere around five inches in length, so drop 2 or 3 oz of blended orgonite in each pipe.

5. Select an appropriate xtal for each pipe. We use xtals that are somewhere around an inch long and no less than a quarter inch thick and have one unmistakable point.

6. Cut 13" of uncovered copper wire. We utilize 18 check wire however the fact of the matter is to utilize wire that is thick enough to hold a shape and light enough to work effectively,

7. In the wake of bowing the wire to take after the finish of a major screw, much the same as was accomplished for the HHG, just littler, squeeze the little end of the loop around the center of the precious stone. Keep in mind that the entire thing should fit effectively in the pipe. You might need to tape or paste the loop to the gem so the unit doesn't come apart when you drop it down into the pipe.

8. Here's the mind-twisting piece: similarly as with the HHG, these are being made topsy turvy. The xtal in the Earthpipe focuses down into the ground. The empty end of the pipe is the base. The cone state of the curl flares from the pointed end of the precious stone. At the point when the pipe is in the ground, the xtal focuses down and the cone curl opens upward from the center of the xtal, similar to a dart in a blowgun

9. I gauged the measure of orgonite in an Earthpipe and it's five ounces, so after you drop the xtal in the pipe in the best possible introduction, simply spoon in the remaining orgonite.

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