How to Make Shungite Water with Crystal

How to Make Shungite Water with Crystal

How to Make Shungite Water with Crystal?

Shungite is touted as the Miracle Stone of the 21st century and it has been around for an estimated 2 billion years. However, it wasn’t until the 1966 Nobel Prize-winning research that discovered antioxidant fullerenes with the stone, that people began to wake up to the Shungite benefits and healing potential.
Shungite comes from ancient deposits near Lake Onega in the Shun’ga area of the Karelia region of Russia. Locals have been using Shungite as a water purifier and as a healing substance for burns, insect bites, small wounds and to ease aches and pains as well. These people use to bathe in Shungite water and even used to cook food in it.
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Shungite has a lot of physical benefits – it can kill pathogenic bacteria, remove pesticides and pharmaceuticals etc. Adding Shungite to water enriches it with oxygen and fills it with calcium, magnesium and other essential components.
These properties of Shungite are given to it by fullerenes that are present inside the stone. Fullerenes are unique carbon-based molecules that have strong anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties and also act as antioxidants.
When you place Shungite in water, the fullerenes attract and neutralize waterborne contaminants. They also normalize cellular metabolism, increase enzyme activity and stability of the cell. Fullerenes identify and neutralize the excess of free radicals, thereby preventing cell damage.
Black Shungite is largely used to prepare Shungite water. As this crystal has a lot of black residues, you need to rinse the residue off the stones under running water.
Once this is done, place the rinsed stone in a pan and boil it with cold water. Drain and leave it to cool. Place this boiled Shungite in a container and pour cold water over it. Leave this water overnight or up to three days for maximum effect. Sediments in the water are normal and harmless, so let them settle down before you pour.
This water is used in Russian spas on a regular basis for skin treatments, baths and making herbal teas. You can even use it for drinking, for bathing, for washing face or watering your plants. Due to the healing properties of this water, it is bound to help you in every aspect of life.

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