Icy Rainbow Quartz Crackle Crystals

Icy Rainbow Quartz Crackle Crystals

The Crackle Quartz crystal is an ideal way to beat the summer heat. There is nothing like the calming vibration and tingle of this icy cool crackle quartz crystal to heal your heated nerves during the summer season.
These energy crystals actually look like the towers of refreshing ice. The rainbows reflect in so many different directions, bringing positive meanings and metaphysical properties.
Icy Rainbow Quartz give you the energy of relaxation and perfection. You need this crystal to get through the summer without stress and all you need to do is just gaze into these magnificent towers.
Crackle Quartz is heat-treated to produce a number of internal cracks & fissures which results in a beautiful display of rainbow colour. These are the powerful healing crystals that hold the energy of regular Clear Quartz but also have the extra kick due to the rainbows.
Rainbow crystals are very good manifestation crystals as they have colours of the rainbow inside them. This means that they stimulate every chakra, thus stimulating every creative level possible.
The full spectrum of colours makes it easier to bring these manifestations into physical reality. Crackle Quartz is a great tool for increasing joy and happiness in your life.
Icy crackle Quartz flashes you with its beauty every time you hold it in your hands. This gemstone is known as the stone of power and amplifies any energy or intention. This is an energy crystal that protects against negativity and attunes to your higher self.
Being in the vicinity of this crystal stone is emotionally soothing in itself, which is what makes it a good addition to your home. Whenever you are feeling irritated, grab a hold of your Crackle quartz point.
Gaze into it and let your annoyances fade away. Keep these amazing healing crystals in every corner of your room to keep yourself and your space cool in the midst of the hot summer.

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