Impact Of Exposure To Electromagnetic Radiation. Does Orgonite Safeguard?

Impact Of Exposure To Electromagnetic Radiation. Does Orgonite Safeguard?

The rapid and extensive use of wireless communication technologies that use electricity has significantly changed the electromagnetic environment around us, in addition to the constant increase in the use of electric current there is increasing use of sources and devices that emit electromagnetic waves.

All this leads to a growing diffusion of exposure and justifies the need to evaluate effects other than thermal ones whose prevention is the basis of the exposure limits currently in force.

The level of electromagnetic pollution in our house is given by a set of factors, including the proximity of our house to power plants, high voltage station, antennas for mobile phones or TV radios. But let's consider at the moment only the sources inside the house.

Surely, we have an electrical system that spreads a magnetic field throughout the house and this also in our bedroom where perhaps we cannot sleep peacefully.

In recent years, numerous scientific studies have been carried out on the possible danger of electromagnetic waves to the human body, some have reiterated the presence of significant harmful effects (tumours, memory loss, changes in behaviour and development of children, reduction of fertility) others have reiterated the absolute absence of dangers for the human body; for example, a recent study by the National Cancer Institute (the American cancer research institute) found that after using a mobile phone for 50 minutes, brain tissues located on the side of the phone metabolize more glucose than the tissues placed on the other side. In this regard, it should be noted that following numerous scientific research and laboratory studies on animals.

Orgonite attenuates the harmful influence of electromagnetic fields.

The black tourmaline has the function of protecting against electromagnetic waves and negativity. Quartz crystals and amethysts amplify the accumulation power of orgonic energy and raise the vibration frequency.

It reduces the emissions of electromagnetic waves and transforms the harmful effects thanks to the conversion of the DOR (negative energy) into POR (positive energy).

  • Protects against electromagnetic and radiofrequency radiations.
  • Eliminates the radiation from domestic DOR sources such as computers, TVs, microwave ovens, mobile phones, tablets, routers, monitors, sockets, etc.
  • If placed near drinking water, it will be energized and will also have a better taste.
  • Fruits and vegetables can be regenerated with a significant improvement in their energy quality.
  • Promotes better rest because it regenerates the energy of the place where we sleep.
  • In general, it promotes cellular development in living organisms.

Orgonite has the property of purifying energy: the matrix composed of synthetic resin and metal particles serves to attract and concentrate the Orgone present in the surrounding environment while the quartz crystal restores this original natural vibration to this vital energy.


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