Increase your Inspiration and Creativity with Opal

Increase your Inspiration and Creativity with Opal

Increase Your Inspiration and Creativity with Opal

If you are someone with a leaning towards the artistic fields, this blog is just for you. Whether it is your job to be creative and artistic daily or a parallel world of your own that keeps you alive, someday or the other, you will run out of steam, where you’ll feel like there is no art left to create anymore. This can happen when art starts being routine and uninspired.
It can happen because of emotional blockages that can turn into creative jams. The reason can be as simple as settling into a routine or generally in the wrong place. If you find yourself in a bad place, art can be the escape and get you out of a rut like that. But this symbiotic relationship won’t let you create anymore.

Such deep-seated issues cannot be solved by simple meditation and exercises. There is also the factor of loss in feeling inspiration. When that stops happening, creativity becomes hard to come by, and once you’ve lost your mojo, it has more challenging to get into a motivated state of mind that helps you be creative. Luckily, we can use all center ourselves with a little love from the planet and find new focus and motivation.


The kind of love that we’re discussing today is crystal therapy. It is a godsend when it comes to alternative healing methods. Healing crystals are just fossilized minerals that have been collecting healing goodness in the crust of the earth for millions of years. When surfaced and polished into gems, they radiate the same healing energy back to us. There are more than 200 known gemstones that occur naturally or otherwise. Out of these, one particular stone is Opal.

The “Eye Stone”, Opal is one spectral delight that you wouldn’t want to take your eyes off of. It is mostly known for bringing to surface one’s hidden talents and skills. By doing this, Opal brings about a sense of self-confidence and love that can be hard to find in these highly competitive days.
Opal absorbs and reflects light in many colors and patterns, and that is also what it does to emotions, feelings, thoughts, and desires, by spinning them inside it and throwing them back to the source, amplified and intensified.
With Opal in your life, you will reconnect with your lost parts and find motivation in the smallest things again. This will be all you’ll need to clear out blockages and start making art again. This is especially beneficial for musicians and writers whose style of artistic expression is more straight forward and less open to interpretation.

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