Induction Orgonite TB and its specificity

Induction Orgonite TB and its specificity

The proportionate mixture of the inorganic materials like metal particles and organic materials like resin & quartz is referred to as ‘Orgonites'. Orgonites were invented by Karl Welz, (based on the work of Wilhelm Reich) he observed that when these materials are combined they create a device that converts local negative orgone energy into positive orgone energy.

Tower Busters are small orgonite devices, similar to the function of the orgonite, tower buster is generally placed near the cell phone tower or at home. As they are known to bust the negative energies electromagnetic pollution (EMF) and transmute them into positive orgone (POR)

Induction orgonite TB (Tower Buster) is slightly different from regular tower buster. They have sanded/smoothed edges as compared to regular TB, and are made of polyester resin, aluminum shavings, and a chip of quartz.  These Orgonites have some imperfections and coloured spots on the sides. They are measured in ITB; one ITB weighs around 150 grams

Making of an Orgonite

In the original Wilhelm Reich orgone accumulator is a box composed layers of organic/inorganic materials (conducting/insulating) from outside which accumulate orgone in one direction, i.e in the middle of the box; downside of these accumulators was that they could accumulate Positive ORgone (POR) as well as negative orgone (Deadly ORgone, DOR).

Making of an Induction Orgonite

In the making of ‘Induction Orgonite', Orgone is transferred from one place to the other without electrically conducting contact. Induction orgonites uses a little different technique, in here, the layers of organic/inorganic materials are placed at the center, that enables orgonite transmutes all negative/deadly orgone to positive orgone, and thereby ensure to only accumulate positive orgone!

Making of an Induction Tower Buster Orgonite

While in an Induction Tower Buster, there is a ‘U' shaped cable inserted in a normal orgonite; in which the orgone is generated by the orgonite is accumulated. There is a layer of pure resin acting as an electrical insulator to separate the orgonite part from the part where the accumulated orgone is transmitted (which is just resin and metal without quartz). Simple insulation of electric cable plunged inside an orgonite adds more orgone accumulation property in an orgonite.

This induction principle makes these orgonites more ‘effective' than standard orgonites because a standard orgonite simply transmutes (Deadly Orgone) DOR into (Positive ORgone) POR. but in an induction Tower Buster, not only the orgonite part transmutes DOR into POR, but the more DOR is transmuted, the more POR is accumulated by the cable and transmitted to the other part which will emit even more POR on top of the DOR transmuted by the normal orgonite.

Induction Orgonite tower buster will generate POR even in the absence of an EMF or other pollutions.  And if there is an EMF or other pollution around induction tower buster orgonite will still generate the basic POR and also accumulate more POR from transmuted gases. In short, Inducted Orgonite Tower Buster will generate more POR as compared to normal orgonite as it will have accumulated POR as well as generate/transmuted POR.

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