Is Orgone For Everyone?

Is Orgone For Everyone?

Orgonite is a combination of resin, metal particles, and a quartz crystal. It transmits negative energy into positive energy. It brings a positive influence on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of life. What you want to do with the orgonite helps you decide what type of orgonite you would want to use. The basic idea is that, the bigger the Orgonite the more powerful its effect will be.

Old style Orgonite pendants have many fillings of crystals, with some shavings of aluminium, metal, or coils, which are harmful. They produce harmful negativity, which changes your energy systems. While it can be said that orgones can be used by almost everyone, Reich had noted that people who have certain issues or conditions like mental disorders, should either be very cautious or not use an orgone at all.


Also, people who have brain tumours, glaucoma, and epilepsy or get attacks should also not use any orgonite. There should be utmost caution with people who are suffering from ALS or MS. Your condition can worsen if you use an orgone when you have skin inflammations, rashes, or conjunctivitis.

It was found in researches that people who use orgone accumulator have both higher core body temperatures and a faster heartbeat rate. It also gives them a sense of well-being. People who have low energy should use a stronger orgone accumulator. The frequency of its use depends from person to person on the basis of the energetic strength of the user and the accumulator.

When someone uses an orgone, afterwards, there is a certain sense of warmth, relaxation and freshness that is felt. The skin starts to flush and sweat develops. You start getting a glow. The moment you stop feeling this sensation, you get a sudden urge to do random things, which marks the end of your usage of an orgone. People who have very low energy fields can take more than a month to feel recharged enough to feel these effects.

A person must also wear as little clothing as possible when using an orgone. It helps more energy penetrates into the skin. While more clothing can also be worn, but it takes some time for the energy to penetrate and come into full effects when in comparison with lesser clothing.


We can say that it is different for everyone. Not everyone can experience the same pleasure of discomfort with an orgone, so you must take high care of what you do and how your body is before you use anything on it.



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