Jade: The Powerful Balancing Stone And The Orgone Pencil Necklace

Jade: The Powerful Balancing Stone And The Orgone Pencil Necklace

Jade is considered to be one of the most powerful crystals that are present. It is also called a powerful balancing stone. It provides a person with multiple benefits and helps balance life and gain confidence. It also promotes orgone energy.

Orgones are a type of life force or life energy. There are many names to it, some of them being chi, prana and so on. This energy was introduced by Dr Wilhelm Reich and he realised its importance, understanding that this energy could benefit everyone on this planet. This energy helps every living organism to grow and provides it with nourishment and fills the environment with positive energy.

There are many products that you can wear to not only accessorise but also heal. Some of them include Crystal Gift Set, Orgone Necklace, Orgone Pyramid, Orgone Dodecahedron and Orgone Obelisk. Jade in specific also comes in the form of a Green Jade Orgone Pencil Necklace. Here are a few benefits of this necklace:

  • It helps balance the body – This stone symbolises serenity and purity. It balances the Heart Chakra and keeps you calm, collected and harmonized. It brings peace to your mind, soothes it, releases negative thoughts from your body and helps in spreading positivity.
  • It brings Positive Energy – There is a lot of negative energy around us. With the help of this necklace, you are able to absorb all the negative energy and convert it to positive energy. It also amplifies the energy field and puts it into a strong, high and vibrant state.
  • Protection from EMF Radiation – One of the most important benefits of this product, it helps get rid of all the negative radiations. EMF radiation emitting devices are always around us, from mobile phones, cellular towers, wi-fi routers, modems, etc. We have so much radiation that it is very harmful and this necklace helps in keeping us safe from this radiation.
  • Self Protection – This stone protects you and brings harmony. It helps stabilize the personality and promotes self-sufficiency within you. It is also a gateway that helps you easily vent your emotions, and hence also get rid of irritability.
  • Promotes a Healthy Life – These stones promote a healthy living and help you get rid of harmful toxins and transforms them into positively charged molecules which are beneficial to your health and immune system.

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