Know How Carnelian Orgonite Pendants can Benefit You

Know How Carnelian Orgonite Pendants can Benefit You

Orgonites  are Orgone energy devices, known to be the universal life force. Orgonites have a long list of benefits that can enhance one’s physical, mental and emotional state abundantly. They are made up of 3 basic ingredients- resin, metal shavings and quartz crystal. The element of Quartz crystal can be replaced by some others like rose quartz, Amethyst, Carnelian  etc.

Orgonites  may be in a device form which can be placed in home/office. It can also be used as a piece of jewelry such as a pendant. In this article, let us know the benefits of Carnelian Orgonite pendant.

Let’s get started.

History & Properties of Carnelian-

The use of carnelian jewelry dates back to 3000 BC. It has been found in ancient Egyptian tombs and is a sacral chakra crystal. It is well-known to boost confidence, assertiveness and initiative. It is orange chalcedony quartz. The orange color comes from the iron impurities and may vary from light, pink-orange to deep red-orange or even dark brown red.

Carnelian boosts and stabilizes energies. It is a joyous stone that fosters feeling of happiness and motivation in the user. On one hand it encourages creativity and action and at the very same time it is calming and soothing. This keeps the person grounded.

Carnelian Orgonite- Happiness and Self-Esteem

  • One of the most commonly benefits of Carnelian Orgonite pendants is that it takes the self-esteem of the user to a high level. This helps in overcoming the negativities with ease.
  • It helps in keeping the person calm and cool, thus facilitating anger management. It can be used as protection again envy, rage and resentment.

Carnelian- the Success Stone

  • Since the crystal is high on energy it helps to restore motivation and vitality. This can help a person in over-coming depression and low self-esteem.
  • Carnelian  gently stimulates you, thus improving concentration and focus. With improved focus, a person is bound to walk smoothly on the path of success.

You may consider using Carnelian Orgonite Pendant for the following reasons-

  • Improve concentration and focus
  • Inculcate a feeling of passion for your work life and personal life
  • In order to instill faith in one’s abilities and boost self confidence.
  • When feeling lacklustre about life, or find it difficult to be satisfied with the present situations
  • To boost energy levels, in case you feel lethargic and sluggish

What are you waiting for? Get your Carnelian Orgonite pendant today and feel the difference.



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