Malachites –  Earth's favourite Crystal

Malachites – Earth's favourite Crystal

The colour green symbolizes more than just being the shade of money. It is the colour of growth and prosperity. The Malachite stone brings good vibes to the person and helps you turn over a new leaf. It helps you overcomes changes and is often known as the master of transformation. You get a spiritual makeover.


Healing: This stone has several healing properties which help you bring passion to your heart. \

Wisdom: You get what you are searching for, be it money, power, love. You receive the gift of wisdom which helps you differentiate between the necessary stuff.

Cleansing: Since all the chakras centre here, you can feel yourself being cleansed and purified. It helps you get rid of any hesitation and makes you confident enough to try out new experiences.

Relationships: With the help of this stone, you bring new relationships to yourself. You attract people and guard your heart, which is often heavy to handle. It heals your emotional wounds and opens you to new love.

Gets rid of health problems: Malachite's crystal properties are a type of antidepressant which helps you balance your highs and lows and brings about positivity and optimism.

Helps fight mood swings: It works as a stabilizer which fights mood swings and gets rid of any negative or toxic energy.

Liveliness: With the powerful vibrations of this stone, you are able to link photosynthesis to it and sustain life. This stone helps you grow and make progress.

Creativity: When you are having a writer's block, or are in dire need of ideas, look for this stone. It will help you bring out your true creative spirit and will encourage positive, life-affirming thoughts.

When you combine Malachite with Orgonite, it is a very powerful combination. The greens and nature together are a strong force as they go side by side. This help have better moods, alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our energy. It will bring harmony in all aspects of your life. It gets rid of environmental pollution and brings a bit of colour in your healing space. This can be used to set the mood for transformation and healing. It opens up the heart to love and can be accessed when you connect with Malachite. This is also supposed to minimize birthing pain with its strength. It can be served as a pigment supplier. Depending on the angle, it can shine in various colours. These properties make malachite one of the most important healing stones.



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