Meet the Jade Orgone Pencil Necklace

Meet the Jade Orgone Pencil Necklace

Jade is one of the most powerful crystals there is and it is also a powerful balancing stone. This stone has a lot of powerful benefits and helps in balancing your life and providing you with confidence. Jade is a good promoter of orgone energy.

Orgone means life force or life energy. All around the world, this energy is known in a variety of names, like chi, prana and so on. This energy was first proposed by Dr. Wilhelm Reich and he proposed that this energy could benefit all souls and living things. Orgone energy helps all living things to grow and be in a environment filled with positive energy.

Following these principles, at Orgonite Crystals, we have a good collection of products that help in providing positive energy to all. The products we provide fall under categories like Crystal Gift Set, Orgone Necklace, Orgone Pyramid, Orgone Dodecahedron and Orgone Obelisk. One of the products available with us is the GREEN JADE ORGONE PENCIL NECKLACE. Let us take a look at the amazing benefits of this necklace:

  • Balancing the Body - The popular Green Jade crystal is a symbol of serenity and purity. This stone helps in balancing the Heart Chakra so that you are calm and your soul is harmonized. This stone also helps in soothing the mind, releasing negative thoughts from your body and spreading positivity.
  • Promotes Positive Energy - With lots of negative energy surrounding us, this Green Jade necklace helps in absorbing the negative energy and converting it to positive energy. This stone also amplifies the personal energy field and into a strong, high and vibrant state.
  • EMF Protection - This is one of the most celebrated benefits of Orgone products. With EMF radiation emitting devices around us always, like mobile phones, cellular towers, wi-fi routers, modems and so on, we are engulfed in a sea of radiation. This Orgone necklace helps in keeping us safe from the problems caused by this radiation.
  • Self Protection - This Green Jade necklace helps in protecting the wearer from harm and it also helps in bringing harmony. This awesome stone helps in stabilizing the personality and promoting self-sufficiency. This stone also aids in giving vent to emotions, especially that of irritability.
  • Promotes Healthy Life - The Orgone Green Jade Pencil Necklace helps in diminishing harmful toxins by transforming them into positively charged molecules that benefits your health and immune system.

These are some of the amazing benefits of the GREEN JADE ORGONE PENCIL NECKLACE from Orgonite Crystals. This awesome necklace is available for purchase at $29.95 at a discount of 50%. Also, while purchasing from Orgonite Crystals, you can avail a worldwide free shipping offer. Well, it is more savings for you, isn’t it? Visit our online store now!

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