Mixed 7 Chakra Pendants That Promote Positivity

Mixed 7 Chakra Pendants That Promote Positivity

Orgonites are known to full a person’s life with positivity and vitality, peace and serenity, joy and happiness. Each Orgonite product is designed in such a way ha the person using it only benefits from the crystal’s presence in the room, office, on the person, or in their life in general.

Orgonites come in various shapes like pyramids, dodecahedrons, obelisks, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces, and are used for various purposes. One can select the best shape depending on the purpose of usage and the mix ratio used to make the Orgonite.

One of the best gifts one can give their loved ones is the gift of health and good health in its purest form can be got from Orgonite pendants since they touch the skin and are in direct contact, thereby, emitting positive energy directly into the person wearing it.

How mixed 7 Chakra pendants benefit?

Often, one questions the benefit of wearing the Orgonite mixed 7 Chakra pendants and wonder how it is going to be beneficial and if they should wear it or not. In most cases, people are skeptical about wearing crystals and prefer to keep them around their houses or offices.

But, we look to clear the misconceptions regarding the pendants that promote positivity and good health and nothing else.

They promote positivity

As we have mentioned earlier, mixed Orgonite pendants only promote positivity and good health and no harm comes about from wearing or using them. They clean your energy fields and work to amplify them. The Orgonite crystals present in the pendant will help in turning the negative energies into positive energies and clean the environment around you.

They provide EMF protection

We live in a world that is shrouded with rays that are emitted from the gadgets and appliances we use, smartphones that have become an integral part of peoples’ existence, and Wi-Fi signals and all these create the electromagnetic pollution of EMF. Orgonite pendants help in preventing the EMF from harming us and create a protective shield around us.

They support inner growth

Every pendant is fused with Orgonite crystals and elements representing each of the 7 Chakras within our bodies. When each element is merged, they work to create better spirituality within us, thereby, supporting better inner growth.

Orgonite mixed 7 Chakra pendants work to give us good health and better inner strength and also, harmony within each relationship with people around us.

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