Most Popular Uses Of Orgonite

Most Popular Uses Of Orgonite

Dr. Wilhem Reich was the first person to characterize Orgone  energy in the 20th Century. However, this life energy was known in various cultures by different names like chi, prana, universal life force and so on.


Before we head to know the benefits and uses of Orgonite, let us dive into what orgone is. In simple terms, Orgonite is derived from the word “orgone”. Orgone is the name given to vital energy found all across nature. Nature is full of vital energy in numerous forms.


Orgonite is said to be a mix of catalyzed fiber glass resin along with metal shavings, particles poured into different mould. It attracts aetheric energy and functions as self-driven and highly efficient energy transmutation device which is capable of converting negative energy vibes into positive ones.

Uses of Orgonite-

One of the primary functions of Orgonite is to clean the negative and stagnant energy. Some of the uses of Orgonite  reported from the users worldwide are mentioned below.

  • Physical & Emotional Upliftment- Since Orgonite is known to convert negative energy into positive it leads to a person feeling better both physically and emotionally. With the use of Orgonite, energy blockages are healed and there is constant flow of energy from all directions. Hence, it leads to physical and emotional upliftment.
  • Better Sleep- Orgonite creates a energized environment around it. In the long run it helps in promoting better sleep. Many users have reported to be cured of chronic insomnia with the help of Orgonite.
  • Spiritual growth- As orgonite accelerates cleaner energy; spiritual growth comes along physical and emotional upliftment. Houses with orgonite can be permanent spiritual abode.
  • Protects from EMFs- One of the main reasons that attracts people is that orgonite protects from the harmful effects of EMF. Though it does not reduce the EMF per se.Anyone who is sensitive to electromagnetic radiation may place a few pieces of orgonite around EMF emitting devices like fridge, computer etc.
  • Cleaner water- Resting the water on top of orgonite charging plate tastes better and healthier too.
  • Better Relationships- Orgonite  is also known to improve relationships. It is noted that when orgonite is placed in homes/offices, relationships between family members and co-workers have improved considerably.
  • Vivid dreams- Many people are known to have experienced this effect of orgonite.
  • Improve plant growth- When the atmosphere around is clearer, plant growth is definitely going to improve.

Thus, orgonite has a long list of benefits and it’s no wonder that the popularity level is increasing day by day.



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