Orgone Energy: All Around Us

Orgone Energy: All Around Us

Orgone energy  is the life force that is universal and omnipresent in every living thing. It is the basic building block for all organic and non-organic matter and is known by various names such as Universal life force, Mana, Chi, Prana and more. Found and coined by William Reich, an Austrian psychoanalyst, he created a universal energy source in order to tap continuous life force energy. He found that the Orgone energy can be found everywhere, even on the surface of Earth. Although the Orgone energy is natural and self-created, Reich wanted to harness the energy is large quantities, thus created the Orgone Accumulator. 


Orgone has been known for its healing properties, it can heal sick, optimize the functions of the body and balance nature. Thus, Reich created a box with metal and other non-organic materials that attracted and repelled the Orgone energy, simultaneously, to the centre of the box. A person requiring treatment would be made to sit in the box and through inhaling and exhaling, would be cured of his ailments, mental and physical. 


Reich's continuous study and research work led to the evolution of the Orgonite, a combination of resin, quartz, crystals, and metal shavings. This Orgonite  had the capability of accumulating, storing and converting Negative Orgonite Energy(NOE) to Positive Orgone energy(DOE). Basically, Orgones transform every form of negative energy that is being transmitted fromeveryDOE source, thereby, creating a tranquil and positive environment.  


Orgones  work continuously to remove negative energy and provide a positive and healthy environment which has a great healing effect on our mind and body. It refutes the negative environment from around us, anywhere and anytime. 


What are EMFs and how do they affect our lives?


EMF or the electromagnetic fields are essential to humans as they are created by God but there are electromagnetic fields that are created by man, in order to have advanced technology.  However, contrary to the general belief, not all EMF has side effects. It is just like fats in the body, some are good, while some are not.


As said earlier, not all EMFs are bad. We are tuned to acclimatize with the EMFs that the God has created. It is not really harmful to us. But, when the EMF frequencies change, it becomes the sole cause of illness, stress, and other diseases in man.


Orgone energy -  How it helps?


When Orgone  comes in contact with the negative energy, it starts to transform that into positive energy. Placing an Orgone pyramid, pendant, or crystal near you will charge the positive energy present in nature and enhance overall mental, physical and spiritual health and well-being.



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