Orgone Generator and its Functions/Benefits

Orgone Generator and its Functions/Benefits

By now, most of are aware of the existence of Orgone energy and the innumerable benefits that it provides. In this article let us see what are Orgone Generators? How does it function? And Benefits are associated with it.

Orgone Generator Theory and its Basic Functions-

 Orgone Generators are based on the Orgone Theory coined by Wilhem Reich. In the initial days of Orgone Energy, the first devices of Reich accumulated all the energy in the surrounding, be it positive or negative. The modern day Orgone generators generate pure energy, by transforming negative energy into positive ones. Hence, they are called “Orgone Generators”. An Orgone generator/Orgone accumulator can be an object which a person may keep along at all times like a piece of jewelry, an object in the home and so on.

It is interesting to see how Orgone Generators function. These organic matters in the generator absorb the DOR (Deadly Orgone Energy) and then the inorganic metals work on the polarization.  Once the process of polarization is complete, the inorganic metals send it back put into the atmosphere. This process structures the energies into positive ones, which is where the healing power of the orgone energy generator comes into play producing life-force energy.

Benefits of Orgone Generators-

  • During the early days, orgone generators were known by the name “Cloud Buster”. The device was made up of aluminum pipes and crystals in water. The device helped release the orgone that was trapped in the clouds. Thus, creating rain.  And the device was indeed functional.
  • Orgone Generators draw the DOR and convert them into POR. This has visible effects on the moods, energy levels, and on the sleep quality.
  • It also protects from diseases that are caused due to blockages of positive energy levels. It includes diseases like cancer and psychological diseases.
  • Placing Orgone generators near Television or Computers will help to neutralize the EMFs into the surrounding.
  • Placing Orgone Generators in the home also benefit the houseplants. In case you are using plants as air purifiers then orgone energy will help them thrive and grow beautifully.
  • Placing Orgone Generators in the workplace can spread positive energies in the office and hence create a very positive environment all around. It can reduce the feeling of competition and thus, keep the atmosphere free of stress and negativity.

Thus, an Orgone Generator can help you and your family and the world as a whole. From uplifting moods to increasing energy levels, and protecting you from the harmful EMF, there are enormous benefits that one can receive. An orgone generator in your energy fields can be one of the easiest ways to stay happy and healthy.



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