Orgone Generator: Composition And Benefits

Orgone Generator: Composition And Benefits

Orgonite is a substance composed of metal shavings suspended in a catalysed matrix of resin (polyester or epoxy), with the addition of a quartz crystal. Fruit of the development of the research on orgone energy discovered by the Austrian scientist Wilhelm Reich at the beginning of the last century, it is a very simple technology, the materials are easily available on the market, and this allows everyone to be able to manufacture it without particular difficulties to be able to use it for energy balance in the most disparate areas.

Reich called the energy he discovered OR (Orgone), identifying it with the vital flow that permeates all the phenomena of the universe, the primordial cosmic energy at the base of creation. Orgonite is an evolution of the technologies devised by Reich to make the application possibilities of such a great discovery available to mankind.

The accumulator becomes a generator

Karl Hans Welz, passionate about science, realized several years later, that the Vital Force could not only be cumulated, but directed and projected at any distance following the principle of structural connections. In fact, it would be this energy that healers and shamans condense and use forever.

In 1991, Karl Hans Welz invents not the accumulator of orgone, but an orgone generator. This is a big step forward in the use of this energy for all because, to sum up, this generator allows the orgone to transform negative or deadly energies into positive and living energies!

Less than a year after the invention of the Orgone Generator, Karl Hans Welz develops "Orgonite". These multiple layers of organic materials and metal dust make it an exceptional and very effective orgone accumulator.

Thus, the Orgonite harmonizes the ambient energies, it transforms the negative energies into positive energies and makes it possible to rebalance and revitalize a complete environment, or an organism.

Orgonite is a vital energy generator!

The benefits generated by orgonites.

  • Significant decrease in disturbances and electromagnetic pollution. (computer equipment, WIFI box, cordless phones, video game consoles, electricity meters, electrical equipment) and outdoor (telephony antenna, high voltage lines, Wi-Fi neighbourhood)
  • Compensation of energy disturbances related to the habitat. (geobiological problems, faults, rivers, negative networks, harmful memories, walls and objects) and allows a harmonization and a vibratory increase of the place.
  • Balance and energize the energy circulation of the body and allows a better concentration and contributes to good execution of movements (pendants)
  • Intervenes also on pollution and psychic influences. (creates protection)
  • Makes atmosphere of the house quieter and pleasant (decrease conflicts, spontaneous nervousness, nervous tension, bringing a serenity in each of our cells) - Improvement of sleep and rest (better sleep = better performance of the whole body) -Important action on the psyche and the spiritual (decreases depressions, stress, and allows a good connection to the life energy)


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