Orgone Pyramids-Working & Benefits

Orgone Pyramids-Working & Benefits

A lot is being spoken and written about Orgone energy and Orgonite. Dr. Wilhem Reich was the first person to introduce the term “Orgone”.  Orgonite is a combination of metals, semi-precious gemstones, resin and Quartz crystals  in a mix that is believed to balance out the life energy. This life energy is also termed as ‘Prana’. This energy is considered as the natural earth energy and hence seems very powerful.

How Does an Orgone Pyramid Work?

In this article let us concentrate on how an orgone pyramids work and what are its uses. To begin with, we shall first talk about the components of an orgone pyramid. An Orgone Pyramid is basically composed of Organic and non-organic materials. These have the characteristic of moving the orgone energy back and forth. This moving of energy cleanses the negative and stagnant energies.  It can be said that the organic materials absorb all the vital, organic energy and the non-organic materials spread it out in all directions. It needs to be noted that Orgone pyramids work on the same principle as that of the Great Pyramid of Giza from Egypt.

Benefits of Orgone Pyramids-

An Orgone Pyramids works differently in various places. When placed in the home, living area, offices, they have the ability to cleanse up the energies in the surrounding and also protect the individuals from the harmful effects of EMF radiation. It has been proved from Laboratory researches that when exposed to this sonority, the living body cells reach an optimal physical and psychological level and also improve in their immunity. Some other benefits are as follows-

  • Create a positive and harmonious environment by cleansing the negative energies around.
  • Fight insomnia and induce better sleep behaviors. It also induces vivid dreams. People have reported of better recollection power after waking up.
  • Provide benefits to food, water and plants as well.
  • Protect from the harmful EMF radiations emitted through electronic devices, transmitters and so on.
  • Aids in deeper meditative strength. Improves visualizations and intentions.
  • Help one grow spiritually, emotionally and physically also.
  • Clears energy blockages from the body and induces a feeling a self-content and positivity.


It is best to keep an Orgone Pyramid in the work areas, living areas and bedrooms as well.  There are different Pyramids available for each purpose. All you need to do is to know what you are looking for and accordingly choose your Orgone Pyramid.



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