Orgonite: A Healing Tool

Orgonite: A Healing Tool

Orgonite, a vital energy found in nature, is also a life energy. Orgonite was first found by William Reich in the 1930s. It is a life energy that is available in various forms and is also, called by various names in various cultures, such as Prana in the Indian continent, Chi in Chinese culture and Mana in Indonesian culture. 


Orgonite can be Neutral(OR), Negative -Deadly Orgone energy(DOE), or  Positive - Positive Orgone energy(POE). As we can understand by the name, DOR is deadly and harmful since it is the form of Orgonite  that gets encapsulated, thereby, causing life to die in its wake.  


We, humans, are an open energy system, whereby, we attract energy from the outer sources and cannot protect ourselves from the negative energy sources. All the energy sources flowing from outside to inside is not healthy for our mind and body and also, effects our overall energy system, also known as the aura.


Orgonite is also known as Orgone  which is a mixture of resin, quartz, metal shavings and particles with the addition of one or several minerals or crystals to enhance the power of the Orgone. They are available in various forms and are used for the purpose of healing, mentally, physically, and spiritually.


How Orgonite heals the body?


Orgonite is being used as a healing tool all over the world today. There are many studies and research wor to prove that the Orgones have some great healing properties and are helpful in cleansing the mind and body of the negativity that gets stored within us. Orgonites, when contacted with the organic materials, are capable of attracting energy, whereas, when they come in contact with non-organic materials, they both attract and repel the energy which is the main action required to cleanse the negativity out of our systems. 


The repelling action pushes out the negative energy and the attracting action pulls positive energy from nature into our bodies. Thus, when Orgonites  are set in molds and set as pyramids or pendants, they become a wonderful healing tool.

The benefits of Orgonite as a healing tool are   


- Physical -  Better immune system, better sleep, reduced effects of EMF, more energy, and better relaxation.

- Mental - Relaxed mind, calmness and peacefulness.

- Spiritual - Removal of negative energy and aids deeper meditation. 

- Emotional - Balanced moods. 


In order to utilize the full effect of the healing properties of Orgonite, it is advised to keep the stone closer to the skin and in close contact, if possible



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