Orgonite An Essential Tool In Mediation

Orgonite An Essential Tool In Mediation

Mediation is the art of giving focus on any sound or an object or visualizing the breadth. This is being done either to relax your mind or soul or spiritual activity. As we all know Orgonite has the power and energy gifted from the universe. Orgonite responds to our intentions and energy positively.  When this energy from the universe serves as a tool in meditation it brings great harmony and peace within yourself.

Orgonite and mediation:-

Before starting meditation with an orgonite the first thing that we should do is to set your intentions like:

1)    Feeling healthy:- I m physically and mentally fit and stable.

2)    Love:- I love myself

3)    Confidence:- I  am confident enough to achieve my goals

Now the second things which need attention are to find out a suitable place for meditation.  Whatever place you select should be comfortable and free from all disturbance. Sit down and make yourself comfortable. Now hold the orgonite in your hands.

As we discussed earlier, mediation is the art of focusing on anyone things. So when we are focusing it is very important to clear your brain from all thoughts. I do this by taking a deep breath and counting till 1 to 10. After this, I start visualizing that I am at a place full of natural energy.

When you have set this focus, now start to develop the connection between orgonite and your breadth. We can increase or decrease the flow of energy by using our breath and visualizing simultaneously.

Inhaling the energy:- Make yourself feel that you are withdrawing all the energy from the orgonite into your body by lifting your palm and moving towards you.

Exhaling the energy:- Now make yourself feel that you are withdrawing all the energy from your body and transferring it into the orgonite. You will feel that energy is moving from the solar plexus area and its getting emitted through your palms and radiated in the orgonite.

Continue this exercise until the time you wanted to do without any stress. It's preferred to continue for a minimum of 3 to 5 minutes.

Don’t feel stressed if you can’t feel the sensitivity. It might be possible that the attention has been diverted to other things. Try practicing this regularly and soon you will be feeling the positive energy of orgonite in the body.

Once you have learned the art of meditation through orgonite, you can set your intentions right in accordance with what you want to achieve.


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