Orgonites An Elixir For Today’s Technology!

Orgonites An Elixir For Today’s Technology!

Technology today has superseded the conscious minds of men racing through the times. The magnitude of technology has been so overwhelming that mankind has failed to see the corruptionthat it has caused to Mother Nature. The benefits resulting from the technology has been far too great to notice and to ponder upon the effects it produces.

In the present scenario with rising technological pollution the invention of “Orgonites” has been an Elixir. It is a matrix capable of absorbing negative energies and transmuting them into positive energies. Electromagnetic radiations result from mobile towers, wireless antennas, mobile phones etc damage the thought process and health conditions of humans and result in illnesses which are life threatening. Tower buster a type of an orgonite helps combat these radiations. These are small in size weigh light and can be easily placed or even hidden.

Although manmade calamities are and can be controlled with the help of orgonites even natural calamity situations can be combatted through the help of Orgonites. A classic example is the drought situation where orgonites have helped to plant rain driven clouds and produce rain in order to save crops. An orgonite called the earth pipe which is buried inside the ground helps absorb any harmful chemicals which would make the land or ground barren and unfit for growing plants and trees.

Emission of poisonous gases in the environment has a devastating effect on the flora and fauna surrounding it.An Orgonite like a cloud buster or a Chem buster helps absorb these harmful emissions and chemtrails. It helps revitalize the environment and sustain plant growth. Also one very important effect of Orgonite is that it helps save fuel to the extent of 20% as per recent studies if kept in the vehicle thereby literally acting as an Elixir for today’s technology.

Due to the constant and uncontrolled use of mobile phones people today have been exposed to dangerous and life threatening radiations. Orgonites  worn as pendants in the neck or as part of a necklace helps transmute discordant energies into positive vibrations. It is used as a therapeutic remedy for personal growth and for  strengthening the immune system.

Orgonites though not accepted as a complete and reliable source by  scientists but orgonites have proved to cure certain ailments which even medicine could not. Orgonites can help save fuel which is most scarce and costly energy resource in the world. Hence truly Orgonites are an Elixir for Todays Technology.



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