Orgonites And Electromagnetic Field

Orgonites And Electromagnetic Field

We all are living in the age of electrification. We are living in a world of rapidly advancing technology, with more and more gadgets surrounding us.  We have smart TV, mobile phones, refrigerators and many such latest technological devices which have taken over our lives.

EMF & Its Effects-

There are several studies that indicate the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation on living beings. A study conducted in 1987 indicated that rats exposed to EMFs for a month had difficulty to learn any new task. A whooping 593 studies conducted by Indian researchers showed the negative effects of mobile phone towers on animal and plants. The harmful effects of EMFs have been increasing at an alarming rate and are known to adversely affect the biological systems in more than one way.

EMF effects on Humans-

The negative effects of EMFs on sensitive humans can result into fatigue, headaches, insomnia, weakened immune system, depression and various other symptoms. Such effects can disrupt the daily life of a person and lead to bigger diseases due to prolonged exposure.

Orgonites & Electromagnetic field-

Orgonites are based on the theory of Orgone energy, which was propagated by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Orgone energy is the universal life-force which is also the building block of all forms of life on earth. Orgonites  are basically made up of 3 components- resin, metal shavings and additionally quartz crystals are used. They are capable of collecting the negative energy from the atmosphere and transmute it into positive, non-harmful one and disperse it back in all directions.

Orgonites does its work on the etheric level and not on the electromagnetic level. This is because chaotic, negative and unbalanced energy is a by-product of the EMFs. Orgonites do not reduce the EMF per se, rather they cleanse up the deadly Orgone energy produces by it.

Thus, with the help of Orgonites  you can protect yourself from the harmful and negative energies. Insomnia is one of the effects of EMFs, and a wide number of users have reported to have improved sleep patterns with the use of Orgonites.

You can use Orgonites against EMF in the following ways-

  • Place a piece of Orgonite near the computer
  • An Orgonite inside and outside the fridge will also work well
  • Attach a piece of Orgonite to your phone
  • You can place an Orgonite near all electrical gadgets like TV etc

The Orgonite gifting movement has also spread far and wide. You can start by gifting Orgonites  in your vicinity. So start from today and make a difference!



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