Orgonites The Complete Healing Buddy

Orgonites The Complete Healing Buddy

We often see that the environment is charged in such a way that we feel everything being dragged, so many times we get up with a headache because of it.

This usually happens due to the excess of negative energy channeled into the environment through external feelings such as anger, hatred, envy, slander, etc. But, how can we protect ourselves? 

Do you know their mystical properties that can help in this type of situation?

As we speak, orgonite has a strong action of spiritual protection, the prevention of harmful energy to take care of the people of the environment and harm in some way.

Therefore, the benefits of orgonite for health are directly related to the problems that negative energy can cause.

An example is the following situation: in a certain environment, there is dense energy caused by severe jealousy, which can cause headache, nausea, irritation, panic, etc.

This mixture acts exactly these symptoms, do not let the headache becomes too strong, for example.

Mystical characteristics

Because of the orgonite " knows how to defend" the hostile energy of a certain place, many believe in another mystic characteristic of the stone, that is, improve the law of return. Many esoteric experiments have reported that he was able to not only neutralize the negative energy released to a person but also return to its origin.

Properties of orgonites

  • The orgonite, not a natural stone was actually the result of a combination made in the nineties mixing certain metals, resins, and quartz.
  • The creation was simply having a stone capable of neutralizing the negative energy of the environment.

Effects on the mental, emotional and spiritual person

  • Mental prevents the approach of negative energies cause irritation, anxiety and make hasty decisions, protecting our thoughts against obsessive, for example.
  • Emotionally, orgonite allows us to stabilize our feelings, avoiding depressive entering into processes of anguish, fear, and phobias.
  • Spiritually, it acts by avoiding the proximity of tremendous entities in general, they just want to interrupt our lives.

Therapeutic effects

We realize that this mixture of resin, crystals, and metals, as well as several stones created in "laboratory",  suffer a kind of damage in the environment because there are not many known therapies, especially in Brazil, the use of that stone. However, little by little this mentality is changing, largely due to the proven power of the stone.

It is used every time in retreats (places where people gather for a longer time and gather in prayer). Therefore, its practitioners can be imprisoned and without suffering any interference from the astral in prayer, meditation, etc.

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