Prairie Tanzanite - Buried Gemstone or Well-Kept Secret!

Prairie Tanzanite - Buried Gemstone or Well-Kept Secret!

Have you ever heard of Prairie Tanzanite? This unique gemstone is a truly special find, and its healing properties make it even more remarkable. Whether you’re looking for an emotional boost or just want to add some sparkle to your wardrobe, Prairie Tanzanite could be the perfect choice.

Prairie Tanzanite is a rare type of zoisite that can only be found in Minnesota's Cuyuna Range -- no other place on earth produces such beautiful specimens. Its delicate blue-purple hue has made it highly sought after by crystal healers and jewelry makers alike.

While many people prize it for its striking color, there’s much more than meets the eye when it comes to Prairie Tanzanite. This mysterious gem holds deep spiritual significance too; certain cultures believe that wearing Prairie Tanzanite helps bring clarity and inner peace while opening up new pathways for self-reflection.


Ah, prairie tanzanite gemstones - isn't it just lovely to look at? Yes, they are absolutely stunning!

Let's start with the basics: What exactly is Prairie Tanzanite?Its most common form is cut into cabochons or beads for jewelry-making purposes. As far as its meaning and healing properties go, Prairie Tanzanite has long been used by Native Americans for spiritual healing practices. It was believed to connect the wearer with nature and provide protection against negative energy while promoting inner peace.

In addition, many believe that wearing these gems can help promote mental clarity and balance emotions such as stress and anxiety. Prairie Tanzanite also has some practical applications too; it's often used in various types of decorative art pieces due to its eye-catching beauty.

But if you want a more direct use of this gemstone then try getting yourself some jewelry made out of them – earrings, bracelets or even necklaces! Regardless of how you choose to enjoy your Prairie Tanzanites though remember one thing: always treat them with respect and care since they have so much power within them waiting to be unleashed!

So there we have it – an introduction into the wonderful world of Prairie Tanzanite! From their unique appearance down to their spiritual meanings and uses – these special gems truly are something else entirely. There’s no wonder why they’ve been around for so long already…just imagine what other secrets these beauties still hold in store for us!

History Of Discovery

Transitioning from its definition, let's take a look at the history of discovery for prairie tanzanite. This rare gemstone has an interesting origin story that dates back to 1967 in the African country Tanzania. It was discovered by prospector Manuel d'Souza in the Mererani Hills near Arusha and Masai people were initially credited with being knowledgeable about this particular type of stone.

The name "tanzanite" comes from its place of origin; it is referred to as blue zoisite due to its chemical composition, but continues to be known as tanzanite. The history behind this unique gemstone is quite fascinating: In 1968, Tiffany & Co named the stone after Tanzania and introduced it into their stores worldwide.

This single event skyrocketed the popularity of tanzanite around the world!

  1. Tanzanite’s popularity grew slowly over time until 1998 when more deposits were found in neighbouring Kenya, leading to greater availability of this precious gemstone on a global scale.
  2. Today, most tanzanite is mined through artisanal mining methods which means traditional surface-level digging with manual tools like shovels and sieves without mechanisation involved.
  3. As demand increases for this beautiful gemstone, modern mining practices are beginning to become more common - including heavy machinery excavation techniques - so caution should be taken when purchasing jewelry or stones containing prairie tanzanite since they may have been sourced unsustainably if not purchased directly from reputable sources.

Due to its rarity and beauty, prairie tanzanite remains highly sought after by collectors all over the world today despite having only been discovered relatively recently compared to other gems such as diamonds or rubies which have existed for centuries prior.

With proper care and maintenance, these stunning stones can easily last generations making them truly timeless investments that will continue to bring joy far into the future!

Physical Characteristics

Prairie tanzanite's color variations range from deep blues to purples with brown or gray hues. The stone can also be found in shades of yellow, green and white depending on its formation environment. Its crystal formations tend to form tabular and prismatic shapes that usually occur together along with granular aggregates. This type of formation gives the stones their characteristic divergent patterns.

When it comes to clarity grade, prairie tanzanite typically has a transparent quality that allows light to pass through easily without any distortions or flaws. In some cases however, you may find some stones that feature significant inclusion such as clouds or veils due to their growth environment.

Overall, prairie tanzanite is a beautiful gemstone boasting stunning colors and intricate details that make each piece truly one-of-a-kind. With its unique properties and versatility, this remarkable stone is sure to make a great addition to both your collection and wardrobe!

Composition And Structure

Moving away from the physical characteristics of prairie tanzanite gemstone, let's take a closer look at its composition and structure.

When looking under magnification, prairie tanzanite reveals perfect hexagonal faces and striations which are often used for identification purposes. Its unique crystalline structure enables it to reflect light in different directions resulting in various shades of blue when exposed to different angles.

Additionally, this gemstone has incredibly strong refracting abilities due to its high refractive index allowing enhanced brilliance and sparkle.

These striking features make prairie tanzanite one of the most sought after gems because of its contour cut ability and magnificent colors like deep blue or teal green depending on how they’re angled in light. It also displays remarkable clarity despite having natural fissures running along it hence giving it a rustic charm that can be admired by many admirers.

Prairie Tanzanite truly sets itself apart with its stunning coloration combined with its strong refraction capabilities making it an ideal choice for those seeking an eye-catching jewelry piece or luxurious accessory item.

Geographical Locations

The most important source of prairie tanzanite comes from Nebraska and Wyoming, making these states some of the primary producers of this rare gemstone. The vast majority of prairie tanzanite mines are located around the Black Hills region of South Dakota and Wyoming. This area provides one of the few sources on earth where this type of stone exists.

Though much smaller deposits have been discovered in other parts of North America, including Arizona and California, these sites do not produce enough material to meet demand for the growing popularity of prairie tanzanite.

Another option is to find online dealers who specialize in selling ethically sourced stones from various international regions with fewer restrictions regarding their trade practices than those within the United States.

Overall, there are very few options available when looking for high-quality prairie tanzanite gems outside North America; however, if you're willing to search hard enough -you may be able to locate small amounts from reliable sources abroad too. With its beautiful hues and natural patterns, this amazing gemstone will undoubtedly bring joy wherever it's placed!

How To Identify

Identifying a prairie tanzanite gemstone can be tricky, but the rewards of finding an authentic one are worth it. Here's how to identify and verify its authenticity:

  1. Distinguish its features: Prairie Tanzanite is an orthorhombic crystal with a prismatic form that has six faces and two pyramidal ends. It also has striations along each side face which appear as fine lines or grooves. Its color ranges from lavender-blue to blue-violet depending on the viewing angle, and may have some yellow or pink tones visible in certain lightings.
  2. Check for clarity: This gemstone should look clear when viewed up close without any visible blemishes or cloudy areas. Any flaws should be minor enough not to detract from the beauty of the gemstone too much, so use magnification if necessary to examine carefully. If there are large inclusions present then this could indicate a fake stone, so inspect thoroughly before making your purchase.
  3. Detect fakes: There are many imitation stones out on the market today that aim to replicate the appearance of genuine prairie tanzanite gemstones, so make sure you take steps to verify authenticity before buying any piece. Check for hallmarks or certifications from reputable organizations like GIA (Gemological Institute of America). These marks will provide assurance that what you're purchasing is indeed real prairie tanzanite instead of a cheap knockoff version!

Lastly, research where your piece was sourced from; ask questions about where they obtained it and whether they can vouch for its origin story - these little details might help you determine whether it's genuine or not!

Spiritual Benefits

The spiritual benefits of Prairie Tanzanite are akin to a great river, flowing from the depths of our souls. Its energetic properties provide us with powerful vibrations that can help guide us towards personal enlightenment and spiritual growth.

This gemstone is often used as an aid in meditation, helping one open their mind up to more positive energies. It has been known for bringing peace and joy, which help people feeling calm and connected to their innerself.

Additionally, it encourages us to be compassionate towards ourselves and others by teaching us about forgiveness and understanding. Prairie Tanzanite is said to cleanse the spirit and promote healing on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

When worn as jewelry or held during meditation sessions, this stone’s gentle but strong vibration may help restore balance in areas where there was once disharmony. Moreover, its soothing presence can create harmony between conflicting emotions such as fear and anger so that they become easier for us to manage.

The beauty of Prairie Tanzanite is not limited only to the physical realm; its metaphysical properties have been treasured throughout history for providing solace amidst life's ever-changing tides. Its lightheartedness allows people to find strength within themselves while still being able bask in its comforting embrace when needed most - making it truly invaluable companion along one's journey through life!

Metaphysical Properties

Moving on to the metaphysical properties of Prairie Tanzanite, this gemstone is known for its spiritual powers and healing energies. It has a unique energy that can help us connect with our innermost self and reach new levels of awareness.

The metaphysical meanings associated with Prairie Tanzanite are connected to unlocking potential and discovering one's true purpose in life. This stone also helps people gain insights into their past experiences so they can make better decisions for the future. Prairie Tanzanite’s abilities have been used by many cultures throughout history as a way to access deeper layers of understanding about the world around them.

Its mystical properties open up portals of wisdom which allow us to explore beyond what we already know and bring a greater sense of clarity when making difficult choices or coming face-to-face with challenging situations.

The metaphysical benefits of Prairie Tanzanite include enhanced intuition, improved communication skills, increased creativity and problem solving abilities, heightened empathy towards others, and an overall feeling of peace and wellbeing.

All these qualities combined make this gemstone a valuable tool for those seeking higher states of consciousness or just looking for ways to add some extra sparkle into their life!

Benefits For Healing And Well-Being

Are you looking for a way to restore balance and energy in your life? Prairie tanzanite gemstone can be an excellent choice! Not only is this colorful gemstone gorgeous, but it also has some amazing healing benefits that can help you achieve true balance and well-being.

Here are just some of the ways prairie tanzanite can benefit your health:

  1. Healing Benefits: Prairie Tanzanite helps heal emotional wounds and promotes positive thinking. It's said to have calming effects on the mind and body, which enhances mental clarity and encourages relaxation. This crystal also brings spiritual understanding while helping one find inner peace.
  2. Well-being Benefits: The vibrations of this stone enhance physical vitality and strengthen bodily functions. It’s known to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, ease tension headaches, alleviate stress, promote restful sleep, boost immunity, increase stamina and more.
  3. Energy Healing: Holding or wearing a piece of prairie tanzanite amplifies the energies within your aura – promoting self-confidence, increasing creativity, balancing emotions as well as providing energetic protection from negative influences.
  4. Holistic Healing: Using prairie tanzanite for holistic healing can provide many benefits such as enhancing meditation practices; energizing crystals; clearing chakras; cleansing the aura; connecting with higher realms; aligning subtle bodies; activating dream states; and much more!

It’s no wonder why so many people turn to this unique gemstone when they need assistance restoring their energy levels or seeking out healing solutions for overall wellbeing!

With its powerful properties and beautiful colors, prairie tanzanite is truly a magical gift from Mother Nature that should not be overlooked!

Uses In Jewelry Making

When used for jewelry making, this stone can be quite versatile. From earrings to necklaces, rings to pendants - whatever you envision will look great when crafted into jewelry that features Prairie Tanzanite. The warm colors make for an interesting effect that just makes your piece stand out from so many others.

Plus, given how rare this gemstone is becoming, having some pieces featuring it could really turn heads and help your collection become truly unique. Alongside its use as a jewelry item, Prairie Tanzanite also holds significance as one of the birthstones for those born in October or November (depending on which system you follow).

Birthstones are often associated with certain qualities and traits, giving them an extra layer of meaning for whoever wears them. For example, people who have been born at either time may benefit from wearing pieces featuring Prairie Tanzanite due to their ability to bring warmth and comfort whenever they need it most throughout life's journey.

Additionally, the healing properties of Prairie Tanzanite should not be overlooked! This beautiful stone carries vibrations of harmony and balance that can help ground us during times of stress or anxiety. It encourages us to stay mindful while bringing clarity by providing insight into any situation we might find ourselves in.

By connecting us with our inner guidance system through meditation or spiritual journeys, this gemstone helps open up new possibilities and potential within ourselves - something we all could use right now!

So if you're looking for a special gemstone to add sparkle to your wardrobe or carry around with you everyday – whether as part of your accessories or simply kept close – then consider investing in some pieces made with Prairie Tanzanite!

With its beauty combined with its powerful energy and symbolism; there's no doubt this amazing stone would make for a wonderful addition!

Popular Jewelry Designs

Like a rainbow in the prairie, tanzanite gemstone is a colorful and captivating stone that can add some sparkle to your jewelry collection. With its striking deep blue color and flashes of purple, it’s easy to see why this beautiful gemstone has become so popular for those looking to make an elegant statement with their jewelry choices.

From necklaces and rings to earrings and bracelets, there are countless ways to incorporate tanzanite into your wardrobe. A classic way to show off the beauty of this gemstone is with a simple tanzanite necklace or pendant.

Whether you choose an eye-catching single piece or go all out with multiple stones set in intricate designs, wearing one of these pieces will help you stand out from the crowd in any room. Tanzanite rings are also a great way to showcase the unique hue of this stone.

Matching solitaire rings or more elaborate combinations featuring diamond accents show off the true beauty of this mesmerizing gemstone. For those who prefer something a little more subtle but equally as stylish, then earrings tanzanite may be just what they need!

Smaller studs or drop earrings featuring sparkling stones look perfect when paired with everything from casual jeans and t-shirts to formal dresses. To really complete the look, consider adding on a stunning bracelet made up of alternating diamonds and shimmering tanzanites - guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go!

No matter how you decide to wear your prairie tanzanite gemstones, make sure it reflects your own personal style while making a lasting impression on everyone around you!

Care And Maintenance Tips

As we've come to know, jewelry designs featuring prairie tanzanite are simply stunning. When it comes to cleaning, use warm water and mild soap. Soak your jewelry in solution for several minutes before gentaly scrubbing away any dirt or grime with soft cloth. For tougher areas of build-up, use an old toothbrush to work on those spots.

Jewelry storage is also important when caring for any precious stones like prairie tanzanite. Store each piece separately in its own pouch or box lined with soft material such as velvet or silk. This will help reduce friction between pieces and avoid scratching them against one another during movement or transportation.

Additionally, if possible keep pieces away from extreme temperatures and humidity levels which could affect their coloration and clarity. Polishing techniques should only be used by professionals who have experience working with finer gemstones like prairie tanzanite since some methods can cause irreparable damage if not performed correctly.

If you decide to seek professional services make sure that the polisher has been certified by a reputable organization and uses appropriate cleaning solutions specifically designed for softer gemstones such as sapphires or emeralds rather than diamond abrasives which could scratch the delicate surface of your favorite piece of jewelry!

Price Information

When shopping around for Prairie Tanzanite, there are several factors to consider when determining price: size, quality, cut and origin. Generally speaking, larger pieces tend to be more expensive than smaller ones as they require more material.

Additionally, higher quality stones with better clarity often come at a premium cost compared to lower grade stones. The cut of the stone also affects its value; facets have been carefully crafted into each individual stone in order to maximize their brilliance and fire.

Finally, the origin of your tanzanite plays a role in its pricing; pieces sourced from Tanzania or elsewhere may vary in terms of cost due to differences in market prices at different locations across the globe.

In terms of jewelry featuring prairie tanzanite gems, expect to pay anywhere between $50 - $1000 depending on the type of item purchased (e.g., rings vs necklaces). Other types of items such as uncut stones or loose cabochons might range from $20 -$200 per carat depending on their size and quality.

Remember – purchasing directly from a reputable source is always recommended if possible as it provides peace of mind when buying genuine gemstones at fair prices. So don’t wait any longer – start searching for your perfect Prairie Tanzanite today!

With so many options available out there, you’re sure to find something special that fits your budget perfectly while still making a statement whenever worn!

Birthstone Significance

Now that we have discussed the price of prairie tanzanite, let's take a look at its birthstone significance. Tanzanite is considered to be one of the modern birthstones for December and sometimes October. It's also known as the stone of magic, due to its ability to bring out hidden talents in its wearer.

Tanzanite has been found only in Tanzania, so it carries with it an exotic charm. Its meaning comes from this unique origin story - being discovered by accident near Mt Kilimanjaro and then used by Masai tribesmen as a talisman against evil spirits! This makes it quite special indeed.


The prairie tanzanite gemstone is a unique and beautiful stone, full of meaning and healing properties. It's fascinating history, remarkable physical characteristics, useful composition and structure, as well as its availability in several geographical locations make it an excellent choice for those looking to add a little sparkle into their lives.

By taking proper care when handling the prairie tanzanite gemstone, you can be sure it will last for many years to come. Budget-conscious shoppers should also take comfort knowing that price information on this precious stone is readily available.

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