Purchase the Orgone Blue Kyanite Obelisk

March 04, 2019

Purchase the Orgone Blue Kyanite Obelisk

One of the most popular stones available now is the Kyanite crystal. The properties of this stone are much celebrated. These amazing properties are the main reason why this stone has found itself to being an integral part of Orgonite crystals.

The Kyanite is an extraordinary crystal of connection. It helps in opening the mind centers, enhancing telepathic and psychic abilities. Other benefits of this stone includes bridging gaps in all communication efforts and providing a link for transmitting or receiving healing energy. Kyanite crystals also help in aligning the chakras and bringing tranquility to the person.

The Kyanite is an exceptional stone for transferring yourself into deep meditative states. AtOrgonite Crystals, we have chosen Kyanite Crystals as a major crystal to make orgone energy generating and chakra balancing product. This product is theORGONE BLUE KYANITE 7 INCH HEALING POINT. Let us take a look at its many benefits:

  • Protects from EMF Radiation - One of the most celebrated benefits of all orgone crystal products is that it protects the wearer and those near this product from the harmful EMF radiation. EMF radiation is caused by the electronic devices that we use every day such as Wi-Fi, TV, Mobile phones etc.
  • Removes Negative Energy - The surroundings that we live in would often be filled with all those negative energies that would affect our well being. This healing crystal based Orgone Obelisk will absorb all the negative unbalanced energy present in your space and transform it into positive balanced energy. This positive energy that is sent back out into the environment helps other living beings too to grow healthy.
  • Balances Energy - The clusters or blades that are formed by kyanite make it an ideal stone for restoring energy balance. It is a very effective energy conduit that can balance most systems of the body.
  • Self Awakening Obelisk - This powerful Obelisk also helps to connect you with your true self and create an eagerness to replenish self-love and confidence
  • The Meditation Obelisk - The Orgone Energy, combined with Kyanite stone produces healing energy that boosts your meditation power. Blue Kyanite can quickly create stillness and tranquility making it an excellent stone for meditation. Kyanite helps open psychic ability, enhances telepathic communication, and assists in lucid dreaming.

TheORGONE BLUE KYANITE 7 INCH HEALING POINT obelisk can be purchased fromOrgonite Crystals for $29.95, at an amazing discount of 50%. Also, you can have this product delivered anywhere across the world for free and also avail free 60-days returns.

From Orgonite Crystals, you can purchase a good collection of products includingCrystal Gift Set,Orgone Necklace,Orgone Pyramid,Orgone Dodecahedron andOrgone Obelisk. Visit our online store now!

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