Questions In Relation To Orgonites

Questions In Relation To Orgonites

Advanced Technology has resulted in acceleration of more complex scenarios. In order to combat this situation there has been some highly effective discoveries one of which is the discovery of “Orgonites”.  People nowadays are becoming more aware of the damages caused by the technological advancements.

Some of the most frequently asked questions about Orgonites are as follows:

What are Orgonites made up of?

Orgonites are made up of polyester shavings, aluminum shaving alongwith wooden shavings and a white / transparent quartz crystal or a rose quartz. They easy to make and can be combined with other stones as well but it would be best to keep it simple in order to generate its effect.

What is the Lifespan of Orgonites?

Orgonitescan usually last for a hundred years. However polyester resin has a lifespan of more than 50 years. If kept outside and in contact with water the resin can wear out faster.

Are Orgonites safe?

Orgonites cannot be eaten.However the resin and aluminuim in the orgonite is not toxic except when it is ingested or in contact with food. Polyester resin in its non-hardened state is harmful hence it would be better if one wears a mask while making an orgonite. Orgonites are not dangerous in terms of the material used by them, however before these materials are in the hardened state they can be dangerous.

Are Orgonites scientifically tested and approved?

Orgonites are not scientifically tested as no scientist considers it as relevant to research in this field. Neither can the effects of orgonites be measured objectively. Infact science does not believe in the existence of orgone energy and thus orgonites.

What are the effects of the presence of  larger quantity of orgonites around us?

The more the orgonites, the better the effects.Infact there is no such thing as harmful effects of Orgonites. There is no limit to the amount of orgonites that we can have around us or in our homes. Presence oforgonites can only help us in countless ways. However if the effect is too strong one can reduce the number of orgonites one by one and the effect will automatically reduce.

Can one wear an Orgonite ?

Yes one can wear an Orgonite as it would help protect one from all negative energy which any device close to one yields,  in a more effective way.

The invention of Orgonites has brought about  a revolution in the technological world and hence there have been  a plethora of questions asked about it.



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