Real v/s Fake: How To Identify Crystals

Real v/s Fake: How To Identify Crystals

In a world where crystals have become an integral part of the lives of many individuals, the sale of duplicate crystals is on the rise.
These crystals look just like the original ones and you need to have a keen eye to identify them from the authentic ones.
One of the main disadvantages of such fake crystals is that they prove to be of no use and people waste their time as well as money on them.
There are a few ways by which you can identify the fake crystals from the original ones.

A few of these methods are mentioned below in detail:

1. A primary thing which you can do while buying a crystal for yourself is to stop buying online from countries like China. This country is well known for its factories where they are producing fake crystals and passing them off as the real ones. Even experts who have been in the crystal healing industry are unable to identify the original crystals from the fake ones produced in China, unless shown the tell-tale signs.
2. An important aspect while choosing a crystal is its colour and symmetry. If you find the colour of a crystal too good to be true, then it usually is. Crystals have beautiful colours no doubt but the fake ones are made shiny to appeal to the customers. Apart from this, if you find a crystal to be too symmetrical, then it is probably a fake one because the original crystals that are mined from the earth have a lot of imperfections in them.
3. The price of a crystal can sometimes be an indicator of its authenticity. Crystal mining is a very difficult process and requires a lot of machinery and labour, which in turn increases the price of these crystals. If you find a crystal that is sold at a cheap price, then it is probably a fake. Turquoise is a good example of a crystal which is found fake most of the time. Real turquoise is quite rare to find and is very expensive. Fake stones are usually dyed to make them look like real ones and hence you need to have a deep knowledge of the crystals to identify the original ones.
4. To identify a glass from quartz, you need to look for air bubbles inside it because glass quartz will have them whereas real quartz won’t. Apart from this, glass quartz, when kept on a magazine, will magnify the letters which will tell you that it is a fake.
5. To identify dyed crystals, you can keep them outside your house in the open for a few days when it’s raining. The dyed crystals tend to lose their colour under the constant attack of raindrops on it whereas an original crystal doesn’t lose any colour.
Crystal healing is something that should be taken very seriously and the first step to it involves working with the original crystals.
It is the energies of these authentic gemstones that are going to help you reap the benefits of the healing process and make your life better than before.
So next time when you visit a store, make sure that you are buying only authentic crystals for yourself.
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