Recent Research In Orgone Energy

Recent Research In Orgone Energy

Orgone energy is the energy of the universe. It is found everywhere and exists in different forms. These energies have positive and negative effects on human beings. When we consume these energies in positive forms there is a healthy mind and body. On the other hand, when these energies come to us in negative forms there is a severe health condition.  The human body is exposed to all positive and negative energies and we are unaware of the impact of these energies.

Discovery – Orgone Generators

Orgone generators are the recent discovery in the field of orgone energy. We have compiled all the effects of orgone generators so that it gives a clear picture of the benefits that it gives. We can the benefits of orgone generators on animals, plants, water, sky, and human beings. Also, these benefits are only a small description of the total benefits that these orgone generators provide. Let us discuss the benefits of Orgone generators.

1)    Plants – Using orgonite generators on plants makes them grow almost triple the size than the plants grow without them. If we compare two identical gardens, one where this device has been used will show more greenery than the other which has not taken the benefits of these generators. We can also visualize the size of fruits and vegetables that have been grown with the help of this device. The size is more as compared to the one which has grown without these orgone generators.

2)    Water – Place the orgone generator on the freezer outside, Take a bowl, put some water and keep it inside the refrigerator. After say one hour take out the bowl that we have kept. If you have a magnifying glass you can observe the shape that has created under that ice. The result is quite surprising. Put that ice under your tongue. You will get an energy boost.

3)    Protection against EMF- As we all know that we are living in a highly technological world. We are surrounded by smart appliances, computer, smartphones, and internet. They all emit harmful radiation. Orgone generators protect us from these harmful radiations. They convert all the negative energies into positive energies and clean the environment.

4)    Mediation – Orgone generators also help in mediation. They not only balance the body and mind but also bring peace and harmony in the environment.

So, we can see the above benefits of orgone generators which are the most useful research in the field on Orgone energy.

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