Red Garnet To Energize Your Soul

January 24, 2019

Red garnet to energize your soul

The stone of love and romance, the red garnet crystal is nothing but an absolute beauty. It is a stone which is a healer of relationships and harbinger of love. It is a popular stone worn by royal households and aristocrats.

Used as a traditional Chinese medicine the crystal garnet supports the flow of chi throughout the body and detoxes the body from negative energy that manifest in the body.

A stone that symbolises physical love, possesses a special beauty with colours ranging from dark red to orange and even pink. The red garnet is a stone of romance blossoming love amongst couples and newlyweds.

The red garnet  is linked to the heart chakra and helps in blood circulation. As an orgonite the garnet crystal cleanses our mind from negative debris and calms it completely creating sacred space within us.

The best way to discover the true healing properties of the crystal is to wear it as a jewel. The garnet was worn by the ancient Greeks and Romans as a talisman and an amulet that provides a protective shield against negative energy or orgone thus transforming the negative energy into positive energy or orgone.

The birthstone of the month of January, the red garnet is known to cure depression, protect against bad dreams and relieve diseases of the liver and haemorrhages. It also helps heal broken bonds of lovers.

There are a lot of beliefs about the mystical powers of the red garnet.  It has been known to give strength, endurance and vigour to the wearer of the stone. Besides the spiritual and mystical  properties it has some medicinal uses too.

Known to relieve special diseases, various haemorrhages and promoting good health the red garnet crystal has been used since ancient times as a personal orgonite.

For men the red crystal keeps the reproductive system alive and for women it promotes hormonal balance and reduces swelling. It also helps in the production of haemoglobin and stimulates metabolism.

Apart from physical healing properties the red garnet also benefits the mental state of mind. It is known to bring true friendship, fidelity, success, self-esteem loyalty devotion, energy and faith as qualities in an individual.

For business men and entrepreneurs it is a stone which aids in business and success. It is known to enlighten the inner spirit and promote self-confidence. It is a complete healing package all by itself.



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