Role Of Orgonites In Garden Farming

Role Of Orgonites In Garden Farming

Orgonite, the magic gemstone, heals and helps everything grow healthy and happy, right from humans to plants and animals to the environment and atmosphere around us.

Orgonites transform the negative energy into positive energy allowing living things to thrive by connecting everything within the universe and allowing positive energies to spurt and move towards things, thereby, bringing in peace, joy, happiness, and healthy growth.

Orgonites and farming

Orgonites have shown a positive effect on the plants, animals, flora, and fauna. There are a few types of Orgonites that are used by farmers to yield higher quality crops and plants and increase their vitality. There are specially designed Orgonites that are designed for helping in better farming and can be found in the market or even created by one who has a little knowledge of creating Orgonites.

Upon placing the Orgonite within 2 Metre radius of the farming land will create a burst of positive energy that will help in yielding better results. It is scientifically proven that the plants and animals, similar to humans, respond to positive energy and thrive when they come in contact with the same.

Placing the Orgonites

If you are into terrace farming or kitchen garden, place a few Orgonites inside the pot or in the garden where the plants are sown. In bigger faring landscapes, bigger Orgonites in bigger quantities are placed around the area to help the plants grow better by converting the negative Orgone energy into positive Orgone energy.

Depending upon the area, decide on the size and type and the number of Orgonites that are required to improve the growth of the vegetables and plants. Sometimes, even a simple Orgonite will work wonders on the veggies and plants and improve their vitality.

With the increase in demand for Orgonites, more and more studies and research work has been conducted on Orgonites and the experts have found that the Orgonites not only have a better effect on the plants, vegetables, and fruits but the positive energy from the gemstone also attract the wildlife and other domestic animals. The animals are pulled towards the place where the Orgonite is placed. They too thrive near the Orgonites.

The studies and experiments with Orgonites in the field of garden farming have, in fact, proven that Orgonites are quite beneficial for farming and growing better quality plants, fruits, and vegetables.


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