Ruby fuchsite

Ruby Fuchsite : Perfect Heart Stone

Ruby fuchsite has both the properties Ruby and Fuchsite which creates the perfect Heart Stone. IT clears all blockages in the Heart Chakra and provides supportive and loving vibes. This sto9ne connects you to humanity as well as your individuality. It also transforms negative energies into positive ones.


It helps to enhance your psychic awareness. With its help, you can connect to the spirit world as well.
It enhances your meditation skills and gives you peace of mind. It stimulates your intuition and brings awareness for a lot of problems.
It helps you release emotional stress and deal with your problems in life. It will bring love to you and will also remove negative energies so that positive ones flow right in. It gives you harmony, which takes you to a path for self-discovery about truths and integrity.
This stone also helps harbour your relationships, be it platonic or romantic. You receive satisfaction, peace, and inspiration in your life. It stabilizes your emotions and instils discipline in yourself.
Your tendency to neglect yourself is visibly reduced by this and you won't make extra efforts to keep people happy all the time. Your anger and annoyance are directed into something more positive.
With the help of this stone, you will become bolder and speak for yourself, for the truth. You can determine what is wrong and what is right in a gentle manner.
Your workplace strategy also gets enhanced. Work-related projects are performed in a more efficient manner and it also brings a good change in your life.
It boosts your energy levels when you are feeling low and will foster romance, passion, devotion, commitment, and marriage. 
When it comes to physical healing, this stone helps provide physical strength and vitality. It also provides relief and recovery from chronic illnesses.

When this stone is combined with the powers of the orgone, the results are beyond positive. It enables everyone around you to live in a clean and healthy environment. It balances your chakra and makes it appropriately. This becomes a very strong heart stone. It helps clear the heart chakra and provides with positive and loving energies during times of low and sad emotions. It also transforms negative energy into positive energy. It opens the heart, raises psychic awareness and strengthens the heart and blood flow. Hence, it also promotes vitality. One is able to understand love at a better level with the help of this.



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