Shop the Nubian Chakra Rainbow Energy Pyramid

Shop the Nubian Chakra Rainbow Energy Pyramid

One of the shapes that resembled a pyramid is the Nubian pyramid shape. This tall and slender shape helps in providing the best benefits of orgone energy to those who are near the pyramid. This shape also helps the pyramid to emit maximum positive energy to the environment.

One of the most sought after Nubian pyramid orgonite crystal products at Orgonite Crystals is the ORGONE NUBIAN CHAKRA RAINBOW ENERGY PYRAMID. This pyramid helps in balancing the chakras and for this purpose, this pyramid is made of 7 crystals, each representing each chakra. So, let us take a look at what all crystals make this pyramid.

At the top is the Amethyst crystal, violet in color. This crystal is able to provide spiritual protection, purification of the soul and offer peace to the wearer. Next comes the Indigo crystal onyx, which has a cooling effect and enhances self-control.

Then comes the Aquarimine crystal onyx, blue in color, and representing the idea of faith, caring and encouraging happiness. The Green crystal onyx that comes next refreshes us and bears good fortune. Next comes the Yellow crystal onyx that warms the wearer and stimulates in them wise decision making. With this, you would hardly take a misstep.

The Orange crystal onyx represents joyfulness and a better emotional self. Happy times would indeed better your life. Then comes the Red crystal onyx, the hot one, that helps the wearer be animated and his life energized. The pyramid also has an outer conductive layer and a copper coil to manifest and provide the best orgone energy.

The benefits of this unique pyramid are:

  • Protects from EMF Radiation - One of the most celebrated benefits of all orgone crystal products is that it protects the wearer and those near this product from the harmful EMF radiation. EMF radiation is caused by the electronic devices that we use every day such as Wi-Fi, TV, Mobile phones etc.
  • Healing the Chakra - This pyramid is made of a condensed metal matrix that includes a combination of quartz crystal and other stones that absorb negative energies and transmutes them into positive forces. These positive forces stimulate the body to heal Chakras and the Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual energy itself.
  • Self Medication - The Red Onyx stone is one of a kind of self-inner medication stone that can be used to get rid of grief, enhance self-control, stimulate wise decision-making, and encourage happiness and good fortune.
  • Helps Master Positive Energy - Placing this pyramid in your home or any space you frequent would help you to experience the positive energy that it provides. In short, you would be reveling in an ocean of positive energy.
This awesome ORGONE NUBIAN CHAKRA RAINBOW ENERGY PYRAMID is available for $64.99 from Orgonite Crystals, at a saving of 34%. Visit our online store now to make your purchase.

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