Should Orgonites Be Scientifically Tested?

Should Orgonites Be Scientifically Tested?

Orgonite was first found by Dr. William Reich, an Austrian psychiatrist, and is a substance that is made up of resin, metal shavings, and quartz in proportion based on the purpose of use and requirement. They are known by different names in different cultures, like Prana in Indian, Chi in Chinese, Mana in Native American and Orgone in general terms.

Dr. Reich found that the organic materials attract the Orgone energy and not-organic materials repel the same energy, thereby, creating a pull and push action which helps in cleaning the energy and getting rid of the negative energies. Thus, Orgonites help in cleaning out the negative energies from wherever they are placed or used. Based on Dr. Reich’s findings, modern Orgonites are made.

Orgonites and their benefits

Orgonites have proven to be beneficial to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of the humans, animals, plants, flora, and fauna. It benefits even the environment and atmosphere and other energy sources around us. It helps in purifying water bodies, better vegetation growth, and yields a positive environment around it. Orgonites are a great meditational tool and create peace, harmony, and serenity where they are placed.

The Lifespan of Orgonites

Orgonites are made up of resin which, in general, has a life span of fifty years and if it is kept inside, it can last up to a hundred years without any corrosion. Since resin is a form of plastic, it may lose some color or retain its color depending on the type of resin used, an Orgonite can last up to minimum fifty years and should be remade at least once in 10-12 years.

Should Orgonite be scientifically tested?

The simple answer to the question is yes, the Orgonites should be scientifically tested to further make the world aware its mettle and powers, although, this is not done since the scientists do not consider the Orgonites to be a part of science.

 There is not much work done in the field of Orgonites and there is no definite scientific material to prove the benefits to the outside world. Many of Maxwell’s mathematical equations are based on the principles of Orgonites, but that is all to it.

In order to make the world more knowledgeable about the magical substance, Orgonite, further studies, and research work need to be conducted and scientific data need to be recorded.


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