Symbolism and Meaning Behind Black Colored Crystals

Symbolism and Meaning Behind Black Colored Crystals

Symbolism and Meaning Behind Black Colored Crystals

The color black represents so much all on its own. It is mysterious, majestic, and serene. At the same time, it also means absence, absence of light, color, and emotion. In the world of crystal healing, the crystal's color has a very high significance to what the crystal acts like.

Its crystalline structure and the minerals that constitute it will determine the primary qualities of a crystal. Still, regardless of that, with the color, some definite attributes are always present in crystals. Throughout history, black crystals have had a powerful, intriguing, and mysterious presence in society. So let's discuss in detail the specific set of powers that only black crystals bring.


Black color has been symbolically one of the most important colors. It is sometimes described as the absence of everything and all paint, formally associated with death, evil, and the supernatural.           
However, it represents a void, beyond which everything exists. Life and all its constituents lie on the other side of black. Our fear of the dark has made the concept of black such a feared force in the past. But in recent times, the definitions and meanings have started to change. Now it symbolizes purity, cleansing, protection, and serenity.


Black crystals are primarily protection stones that have a lot of meaning in protecting the user from all kinds of things. It sucks away all the opposing force in the surroundings of someone. It conceals, camouflages, and shadows the user's energy to protect it from energy leeches and vampires. It has its way of deflecting harm and wrongdoing.
Black as a color is an absorbent. It represents the lack of color because it absorbs all of them. The black color is also a representation of detoxification, cleansing, and purity. It absorbs toxins and pollutants from a body and surroundings. It also brings forth a level of spiritual purity and cleansing that was unfelt in your life before.

Black Crystals Healing Attributes

Black Crystals are mostly used to keep people grounded and protected at all times. That is mostly the primary function of black crystals. They help you get introspective about yourself in deep states of meditation while feeling a level of ease. Black crystals work their magic by being ultra-absorbent of toxins. They do so because of the high carbon content in their structures.
They protect you from electromagnetic radiation and EMFs which is the most common and the most underrated form of pollution we’re surrounded with. Some most common black crystals to have in your arsenal are Black Tourmaline, Onyx, Obsidian, Shungite, and Black Kyanite.   

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