Tangerine Quartz - A Guide to This Snazzy Stone!

Tangerine Quartz - A Guide to This Snazzy Stone!

Are you interested in learning more about tangerine quartz and its healing properties?

Tangerine Quartz’s vibrant orange hue reflects its ability to bring joy into our lives and spark creativity within us. You may have even seen it featured on fashion magazine covers or worn by celebrities at award shows!

No matter what brings you here today, if you are seeking guidance on how to use and work with tangerine quartz for maximum benefit - then let's get started!

Keep reading as I go through the many ways we can harness the power of this special stone!


Tangerine Quartz specifically comes from Brazil and typically contains Manganese which gives it its distinctive red/orange colouration. The meaning behind this specific variety lies in its ability to help us connect more deeply with our true selves by bringing forth energy that helps facilitate personal growth.

Crystal healing is an ancient practice that involves harnessing energies from gemstones and crystals for their metaphysical benefits. This form of therapy seeks to use these elements to restore balance in one's spiritual life as well as promote physical health and wellbeing.

By tapping into the natural vibrations found in stones like Tangerine Quartz, we are able to access its powerful energy for overall harmony within ourselves. Tangerine Quartz offers a helpful reminder that change can be positive if embraced correctly - something most of us could benefit from knowing!

It encourages self-discovery while promoting creativity and inner peace so we may move forward on our journeys towards lasting happiness and fulfillment.

Structure And Formation

Now that we've established what Tangerine Quartz is, let's take a look at how it comes into being. Despite its beautiful and unique hue, many people question why the stone has such an interesting formation.

In this section, I'll explain the structure of Tangerine Quartz and how it formed to give us these gorgeous stones.

The process by which tangerine quartz forms involves hydrothermal solutions created when magma cools down deep within Earth’s crust and reacts with water from underground springs.

Over time, the combination of heat energy and pressure creates a chemical reaction between silica-rich fluids and iron-bearing minerals present in the rock formations. This results in mineral deposits along fractures and fissures within the rock containing tangerine quartz crystals.

Here are four ways you can identify genuine tangerine quartz:

  1. Its color ranges from bright orange to reddish brown;
  2. The hardness on Moh's scale should measure around 7;
  3. It often appears cloudy due to its high levels of trace elements;
  4. It will emit strong vibrations if placed near another crystal or your body.

So while some may wonder how something so eye-catching could form naturally over millions of years – now you know!

All that remains for us to do is simply appreciate this beautiful gemstone and use it for its various healing properties discussed in earlier sections!

Varieties And Colors

When it comes to tangerine quartz, there’s a wide range of varieties and colors available. These stones come in shades that are similar to the color of an orange or tangerine fruit - from pale orange hues to vivid and bold tangerine. Some varieties also feature unique patterns like swirls or stripes, while others have transparent gemstone bodies which display their internal structure more clearly.

In addition to these traditional colors, some types of quartz can be found with deep red-orange tints as well as yellowish-orange shades. The most common type of tangerine quartz is known as “citrine” and this variety usually has a bright hue that ranges from golden yellow to light orange. It is also quite durable and can last for many years without damage if cared for properly.

Other popular varieties include “tourmalinated quartz,” which contains black tourmaline needles running throughout its body; “copper rutile quartz,” which features copper-colored strands within its crystal matrix; and “lepidocrocite quartz,” which has reddish streaks scattered across its surface.

Tangerine quartz is often used in jewelry making due to its vibrant color and striking patterning. From simple pendants to elaborate necklaces featuring multiple stones set into intricate designs – whatever your preference may be, there's sure to be a version of this stone that suits you perfectly!

As with all gems and minerals, however, certain factors should be taken into consideration before purchasing any type of tangerine quartz: clarity (the absence of imperfections), cut (how the stone was shaped after being mined) and carat weight (the size/weight of the individual pieces).

Physical Characteristics

One of the most captivating aspects of tangerine quartz is its physical characteristics. From its beautiful appearance features to its unique physical properties, this gemstone truly stands out from other varieties.

Its physical traits provide a fascinating insight into what makes it so special:

  1. It has an orange-brown hue and sometimes displays chatoyancy due to its fibrous inclusions.
  2. Tangerine quartz can be found in various shapes, sizes, and cuts depending on where it was mined; however, one characteristic remains consistent - a vitreous luster that gives off subtle flashes of light when struck by sunlight or lamplight.
  3. The hardness of tangerine quartz measures around 7 on the Mohs scale and its density ranges between 2.6 – 3 g/cm³ making it quite durable for everyday use.
  4. This stone may contain visible fractures which are not hazardous but rather add character to each piece as no two pieces will ever look alike!

Tangerine quartz is both unmistakably eye-catching yet gentle at the same time with its combination of warm colors and luminous sparkles that make it difficult to resist adding it to any jewelry collection or display case!

With all these amazing physical characteristics combined together, you'd be hard pressed to find another gemstone like this one!

Metaphysical Properties

I'm fascinated by the metaphysical properties of tangerine quartz. Its vibrant orange hues, combined with its mystical energy, make it a powerful force in the world of metaphysical healing.

When using tangerine quartz for its metaphysical meaning and significance, you can feel an increased sense of joy and happiness as well as heightened creativity and intuition. It is said to be helpful in releasing any negative emotions that are blocking your progress on a spiritual journey.

Tangerine quartz also helps us to connect more deeply with our higher self and inner wisdom. The crystal's unique combination of physical beauty and strong energies makes it useful in many areas of metaphysical healing.

For example, it can help with clearing blockages from past traumas or difficult experiences, connecting us more strongly to our divine nature. Additionally, it encourages clarity and focus during meditation or yoga practices while enabling a deeper understanding of our own personal truth.

Tangerine quartz truly is an amazing gemstone; working with this crystal brings about feelings of peace, harmony and balance along with greater insight into one’s life purpose. If you're looking for something special to add to your practice then consider adding some tangerine quartz – I'm sure you won't regret it!

Chakra Association

The throat chakra, known as the communication center, is linked to this stone too. Tangerine quartz encourages clarity in thought and speech by freeing up blocked energy in this area. In addition, it enhances creativity which helps stimulate original ideas that come from within.

The sacral chakra corresponds with tangerine quartz’s ability to facilitate deep emotional healing and transformation. By connecting us to our inner strength, we are able to make changes in our lives more easily if needed be.

Furthermore, it works well on the solar plexus chakra helping us move forward without hesitation or fear of failure. Finally, when used on the crown chakra tangerine quartz assists in opening up spiritual awakening so that knowledge can be gained from higher sources of consciousness.

Such guidance allows us to better understand ourselves and our purpose here on Earth making it easier for us to take control of our own destiny!

Using For Reiki Healing

When focusing on using tangerine quartz for reiki healing, its energizing properties make it a great tool. It can be used to cleanse and heal the aura, or just to restore energy levels.

Here are four steps to use tangerine quartz in your next reiki session:

  1. Open your mind and clear any negative thoughts before beginning.
  2. Place the tangerine quartz somewhere close by you as you practice your reiki session – either on the floor or table near you, or even in your hand if you prefer!
  3. Visualize the orange light of this crystal radiating from within and flowing outwards around you with each breath, cleansing and balancing your aura as it does so.
  4. When finished, thank the crystal for working with us during our session and clear away any residual energy that may remain from the process.

Using tangerine quartz for reiki healing is an excellent way to ensure we’re getting all the benefits of crystal healing while also taking advantage of its unique energetic vibrations which can help us access deeper states of relaxation during meditation sessions too.

Keep in mind that although this type of healing works best when used regularly over time, sometimes just one particular session can already bring about positive results such as improved mental clarity and increased emotional stability.

Spiritual Benefits

I'm a big believer in the spiritual benefits of tangerine quartz. It's an incredibly powerful stone that can help with spiritual healing, balance, purification and protection. This crystal is also known to be highly beneficial for connecting one’s spirit with their higher self.

Using this gemstone regularly can increase your energy levels and bring about profound transformation within yourself. I've found it helps me stay grounded when life gets overwhelming or chaotic, as well as bringing clarity to my thoughts and feelings.

Tangerine quartz is especially useful during times of spiritual growth - it encourages openness to change and assists in navigating through difficult transitions. The vibration of tangerine quartz resonates deeply within the solar plexus chakra; helping to heal any blockages that may prevent you from living authentically and achieving inner peace.

The energies emitted by this stone awaken our intuition so we are able to tap into our emotional guidance system more easily and make decisions that align with our highest good.

Overall, tangerine quartz carries strong vibrations which allow us to unlock areas hidden deep in ourselves where true healing takes place. As we explore these depths, we become better equipped to move forward on our path towards enlightenment - all while maintaining spiritual balance and harmony in our lives.

Emotional Benefits

Moving on to the emotional benefits of tangerine quartz, it is a powerful crystal that can bring relief from feelings of anxiety and worry. It's calming energy helps one to be more accepting and understanding of their own emotions. This gemstone also provides support in difficult times, helping to create an uplifting atmosphere when facing challenges or hardships.

Tangerine Quartz is especially helpful for those who struggle with feeling overwhelmed by their emotions. The healing properties help balance any intense emotions like anger or fear, while providing inner strength and courage to face them head-on.

Its soothing vibes allow us to process our feelings without judgement and clear away any negative thinking patterns we may have developed over time. This stone encourages unconditional love towards ourselves which is essential for self-growth and development.

Tangerine Quartz reminds us that everything will eventually pass, and if we stay focused on the present moment then things will soon start looking brighter again!

Mental Benefits

The mental benefits of tangerine quartz are unparalleled! It is like a powerhouse of energy that provides an immense amount of clarity, focus, balance, strength and grounding for the mind. This stone can help to bring about profound changes in your mental well-being with regular use.

When using tangerine quartz for its mental benefits, you will notice increased inner peace and harmony within yourself. You will also find it easier to work through difficult issues or moments of stress without feeling overwhelmed by negative emotions.

Additionally, this gemstone helps to sharpen your intuition and allows you to connect deeper with your higher self. This crystal's healing powers don't stop there! Tangerine quartz can be used as a tool to boost creativity and manifesting intentions in life.

When we're able to think more clearly and creatively due to this stone's powerful energies, our dreams become closer than ever before! Furthermore, it helps us see solutions where none existed before – allowing us to move forward in positive directions instead of being stuck in the same cycle of problems.

Some other incredible ways that tangerine quartz can improve one's mental health include:

* Enhancing problem solving skills

* Boosting confidence levels

* Increasing motivation & productivity

* Opening doors for new ideas & perspectives

* Reducing anxiety & stress levels

Tangerine quartz truly is an amazing crystal that has the power to transform lives from the inside out. With continued usage over time, users should expect an overall increase in their emotional stability while still having access to plenty of creative thinking and drive when needed!

Uses In Jewelry Making

The most popular form used in crafting with tangerine quartz is the cabochon cut, which allows for maximum light reflection and adds interest to the piece. This shape also helps bring out the beautiful orange hues of this type of gemstone.

Additionally, you may find tumbled pieces available as well as beads and other shapes for your projects. You’ll need certain supplies on hand like wire wrapping tools if you want to create something yourself from scratch using tangerine quartz gemstones.

No matter what kind of jewelry making project you have in mind for your tangerine quartz gemstones, they will certainly be eye catching! Their vibrant hue pairs nicely with silver or gold metals while adding just the right amount of flair to your handmade designs.

Combining With Other Crystals

When it comes to combining tangerine quartz with other healing crystals, there are a few options. Combining two or more stones can increase the power of each individual stone and create new energy patterns that serve you in your crystal healing practice.

Here's an overview of what gemstone combinations work well with tangerine quartz:

  • To amplify its protective qualities: combine tangerine quartz with black tourmaline, hematite, smoky quartz or obsidian.
  • Black Tourmaline will help ground any excess energies while boosting the protection offered by tangerine quartz.
  • Hematite is another grounding stone that provides additional protection when combined with tangerine quartz.
  • Smoky Quartz helps absorb negative energies, providing extra protection for those feeling emotionally overwhelmed.
  • Obsidian is known as a powerful protector against psychic attacks and energizes tangerine quartz’s shielding properties.
  • To enhance intuition and creativity: pair with amethyst, labradorite, moonstone or turquoise.
  • Amethyst amplifies intuition when used together with tangerine quartz which allows access to higher spiritual planes during meditation practices.
  • Labradorite intensifies inner knowing helping to receive guidance from spirit guides when using both stones at once.
  • Moonstone enhances creative expression allowing artistry to flow freely through the combination of these two gems.
  • Turquoise helps strengthen communication between physical and spiritual realms letting divine messages come through more clearly than before.

By trying out different crystal combinations we can understand better how they interact with one another and gain insights into our own unique needs in regard to energetic support on our journey towards self awareness.

With this knowledge we can choose wisely which crystals best fit our needs so we can experience greater peace, clarity and balance in our lives!

Caring For Tangerine Quartz

Caring for your tangerine quartz crystal is an important part of its maintenance and upkeep. Taking proper steps to clean, store, and protect this precious stone will ensure that it remains a powerful asset in any healing process.

With the right knowledge about how best to look after your tangerine quartz, you can extend its lifespan and make sure it continues to serve you with its unique energies.

To begin with, start by cleaning regularly with warm water. Afterward, pat dry with a soft cloth or towel. It’s also helpful to take extra care when handling fragile pieces; crystals like these are delicate and should be handled with respect.

Storing your tangerine quartz correctly is another essential step towards looking after your crystal well. Keep it away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat as much as possible – if kept in too high temperatures then the quality of the crystal may suffer over time.

Avoid placing near electrical items such as mobile phones or computers as they can emit electromagnetic frequencies which interfere with the energy of the stone itself. Instead, wrap inside protective fabric before placing in a jewellery box or on a shelf where there's minimal movement or vibration nearby.

By taking these simple steps into consideration when caring for your tangerine quartz, you're helping preserve its natural beauty and power long-term - allowing yourself access to all that this special form of quartz has to offer!

Where To Purchase

If you’re looking to buy tangerine quartz, there are plenty of options available. You can purchase it online from a variety of sources or in person at various metaphysical stores and crystal shops.

  • Online: Look for websites that specialize in selling crystals and stones. Many sites will have detailed information on the properties and benefits of their products.
  • Local Stores: It’s always nice to be able to browse through physical items before making a purchase. Metaphysical stores often carry many types of crystals, including tangerine quartz.
  • Trade Fairs & Shows: If you happen to live near one, attending a trade show or fair dedicated to metaphysical items is an excellent way to find unique pieces like tangerine quartz.

Not only do these events have vendors specialized in healing crystals, but they also offer great deals! No matter where you decide to shop for your tangerine quartz, make sure that quality is top priority.

Genuine crystals come with natural imperfections and shouldn't look too perfect – this indicates that it's not real stone or has been altered using heat treatment or dyeing processes. Read reviews and ask questions about any item before buying if possible; this helps ensure that you get what you want out of your purchase!


In conclusion, tangerine quartz is a powerful and beautiful crystal that can bring an array of benefits into your life. This magical stone has the ability to help heal emotional wounds, balance emotions, enhance creativity and manifest goals. It’s also known for its calming energy which makes it great for reducing stress levels.

The combination of its physical characteristics such as color and structure with its metaphysical properties make this crystal an incredible ally in any spiritual journey. I highly recommend everyone try working with tangerine quartz if they are looking for healing or seeking clarity in their lives.

Connecting with the vibrations of this stone brings a sense of peace like no other – just like being embraced by an old friend who understands you completely. I hope that my guide will enable you to find joy in discovering how this amazing gemstone can work wonders in your life!

Remember to always cleanse your crystals after each use and keep them safe so they can continue to do their wonderful work!

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