Tanzanite - A Gemstone That Can Bring The Best Of Luck in You!

Tanzanite - A Gemstone That Can Bring The Best Of Luck in You!

Hey there, gemstone lovers! Have you ever heard of the stunningly beautiful tanzanite gemstone?But what really sets tanzanite apart is its energy and symbolism associated with it. People believe that wearing or carrying a piece of tanzanite brings peace and harmony into their life as well as enhanced communication skills.

Wearing tanzanite also helps bring out your creativity while aiding spiritual growth and emotional balance too. It's no wonder why this charming stone has become such a sought-after item among those looking for mental clarity and inner peace!


Tanzanite promotes harmony within relationships while giving off calming vibes which help reduce stress levels. In terms of healing properties, some people believe that wearing or carrying a piece of tanzanite may help balance chakras, increase psychic abilities, facilitate communication between spirits and physical bodies, as well as strengthen intuition.

Not only does it have these qualities but it can also be used to create powerful energy grids around one's home or office space for protection against negative energies or influences.

Overall, tanzanite is known to promote peace, love and understanding both internally and externally while providing clarity during times of confusion or distress.

Whether worn as jewelry or placed strategically throughout one’s living space, this gemstone offers numerous benefits to those who choose to incorporate its energies into their lives!

History And Origin

Tanzanite is like a beautiful, mysterious gem that has only recently been discovered. It's origin and history are almost as alluring as the stone itself. The first recorded discovery of tanzanite was in 1967 near Arusha, Tanzania.

Here’s how we know about the fascinating journey of tanzanite:

* Tanzanite originates in East Africa at the foothills of Mt Kilimanjaro where it can be found in abundance still today.

* Its remarkable story began when Masai tribesman Ali Juuyawatu discovered an unusual blue-violet crystal while herding his cattle nearby Mount Kilimanjaro back in 1967.

* This single discovery sparked a mining rush to uncover more specimens which were then sent off for examination by geologists who determined them to be a new type of zoisite mineral not previously seen before.

* By 1969, Marcel Tolkowsky, a well known diamond cutter from Amsterdam, had cut samples for further evaluation leading to widespread recognition worldwide within two years after its initial discovery.

Since then, various methods have been developed for mining tanzanite with local artisanal miners using hand tools or larger operations utilizing machines such as bulldozers and drills to mine large amounts from underground sources close to Mererani Hills outside Arusha City in northern Tanzania.

Although there are other sources of tanzanite across the globe including Brazil and Zimbabwe, they remain minor compared to those originally mined from their original source close to Mount Kilimanjaro making Tanzania easily considered the main supplier globally up until present day. It’s truly amazing what this incredible stone went through over fifty years ago; going from being completely unknown to becoming one of the world’s most sought after gems!

With its intense range of colors ranging from sapphire blues to deep violets combined with its rarity factor makes wearing any piece featuring this precious stone an absolute treat!

Color Variations

For example, violet-blue tanzanites are produced when exposed to low temperatures, while pink-purple stones require higher temperatures. Teal-green hues are also possible and some even have multicolored layers within them! No matter what colors you find in your tanzanite gemstone, each one has something special that makes it unique.

In terms of clarity, these gems tend to be fairly transparent with few visible imperfections. However, due to their geological nature they may contain small flecks or specks which give them an extra sparkle and character. Tanzanite is known for being particularly strong against physical damage so it will not scratch as easily as other types of gemstones.

This means it can last quite a long time if properly cared for and stored away from direct sunlight or extreme temperature changes. When shopping for a tanzanite gemstone there is no need to worry about size limitations; smaller pieces work just as well as larger ones. You'll often find these precious stones cut into ovals or rounds but more complex shapes such as hearts and marquise cuts can also be found depending on where you purchase them from.

In addition, many jewelry stores offer custom designs featuring this beautiful gemstone too - perfect for adding a personal touch to any outfit! Overall, tanzanite offers a plethora of options regardless of whether you're looking for something subtle or eye-catching.

With its stunning array of brilliant hues and durable qualities it's sure to make any piece of jewelry stand out from the crowd!

Clarity And Cut Quality

Ironic as it may sound, the clarity of Tanzanite gemstone can be a bit confusing. While some are perfectly clear and sparkle like stars in the night sky, other pieces have more visible inclusions that mar its beauty. It all depends on the cut quality of the stone:

* The first step is to check for any signs of eye-visible inclusions. If they're present, then you know what kind of clarity your Tanzanite has.

* Secondly, take note of how well facets interact with light. Does each facet catch glints of sunlight? Do they combine together to create an amazing display? This will determine cut quality and thus the overall look of your Tanzanite gemstone.

* Thirdly, consider if there are any surface blemishes or scratches that detract from its appeal. Even though these marks don't affect clarity directly, they still make a difference when evaluating the value and desirability of your precious stone.

* Finally, inspect symmetry between two halves of your piece – this will help identify whether the cutter did their job right by giving it proper proportions and angles for maximum brilliance and shine!

When assessing both clarity and cut quality, keep in mind that different standards apply depending on where the gem was sourced - stones mined in Tanzania might not meet same criteria as those found elsewhere. You should also remember that even gems with moderate clarity can appear stunning when given good cut quality so never discount them too quickly!

Metaphysical Significance

The metaphysical significance of tanzanite is truly extraordinary. It has spiritual and esoteric meaning, as well as powerful metaphysical properties that can bring about great transformation in one's life.

Tanzanite is said to be a gateway for connecting with the higher realms and attuning oneself to their energies. Its energetic qualities are believed to help manifest your goals and attract abundance into your life. Tanzanite also assists in inner growth and awareness by opening up the third eye chakra, helping us become more intuitive and connected to our own intuition.

The vibration of this gemstone encourages you to move beyond limits set by fear or ego-based beliefs, allowing you to reach new heights both spiritually and emotionally. In addition, its calming energy helps promote emotional healing, balance, harmony, and peace within yourself.

Furthermore, tanzanite stimulates creativity while simultaneously providing protection from negative forces which may obstruct creative flow. This special crystal can also assist in dealing with conflicts between others or within oneself by bringing greater understanding; it gently brings hidden issues out where they can be resolved.

Tanzanite provides a connection between body and soul so that we may live harmoniously together in unison - creating an overall sense of wellbeing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and even materialistic aspects of life. By wearing or carrying this stone daily we will benefit from its magical effects as it works ceaselessly towards helping us achieve greater fulfilment in all areas of life!

Energetic Properties

When we think of tanzanite, its calming energy washes over us like a cool summer breeze. This gemstone is known for its vibrational frequency that brings us into alignment with our higher self and spiritual connection. Its energizing power helps to balance out any negative emotions or feelings that may be present in the body.

Tanzanite not only amplifies our intuition but also enhances our overall emotional wellbeing. This gemstone works on multiple levels, both physical and metaphysical, to bring about positive changes in our life. It has been used by many healers throughout time as a healing tool due to its ability to connect us more deeply with ourselves and the divine realm.

On an energetic level, this stone encourages inner peace and harmony within all aspects of one’s being. As it attunes us to the vibrations of love, joy, and abundance, we can become more mindful of what truly matters most in life – compassion and understanding towards ourselves and others around us.

The energies radiated by tanzanite have helped countless individuals feel balanced both physically and emotionally while at the same time allowing them to express their true selves without fear or judgement from anyone else.

Not only does this beautiful crystal promote inner peace but it also assists in developing new perspectives on difficult situations which often leads to increased clarity of thought when making important decisions.

Additionally, its vibration allows for deeper connections between people who are open-minded enough to receive its message - “love yourself first before you can fully give your love away” .

Tanzanite's unique properties make it a powerful ally when seeking greater enlightenment through meditation practices such as yoga or mantra chanting as well as during times of distress or despair when comfort is needed most.

By harnessing this gemstones' high frequencies, one can easily tap into their own natural source of strength so they may move forward with confidence along their chosen path regardless of any obstacles that comes up along the way.

With its soothing vibes radiating outwardly from within like ripples in a pond, it offers us a peaceful reminder: All will be okay if we trust in ourselves and stay connected to those things that light up our soul!

Benefits Of Wearing Tanzanite Jewelry

I'm sure you've heard of the beautiful tanzanite gemstone, but have you ever considered wearing it as jewelry? Tanzanite is a powerful stone that can provide many spiritual and emotional benefits when worn.

First off, wearing tanzanite boosts your psychic awareness. This helps open up third eye chakra which strengthens intuition and encourages insightful dreams.

As this happens, your connection to spirit beings will strengthen allowing for deeper spiritual connections in meditation sessions. Tanzanite also has healing properties that soothe stress and anxiety while helping bring emotional balance into life. By wearing tanzanite jewelry, you can restore inner peace by tapping into higher vibrations from cosmic energy sources.

Additionally, its calming hue of blue brings forth feelings of serenity and tranquility whenever needed throughout the day. Finally, with its brilliant sparkle and unique coloration, tanzanite jewelry adds an extra layer of glamour to any outfit while providing all these positive energetic effects!

Whether it's a necklace or earrings - something simple or over-the-top - adding some tanzanite jewels to your wardrobe is a great way to keep yourself looking fashionable and feeling relaxed at the same time.

Chakra Balancing

Chakra balancing with a tanzanite gemstone can be an incredibly powerful tool for creating energy healing and spiritual connection. The beauty of this crystal is that it has the power to open multiple chakras at once, allowing its user to achieve complete mind-body balance in short order!

* Activate the Third Eye Chakra - Tanzanite helps you connect with higher realms and access divine knowledge.

* Balance Root Chakra - This stone brings strength and courage so you can remain grounded throughout life’s chaotic ups and downs.

* Amplify Heart Chakra - Tanzanite encourages empathy, compassion, and love while keeping negative energies away from your aura. The possibilities are truly limitless when working with this stunning stone; it can work wonders on both your physical and spiritual health.

With regular use, one will quickly notice improved clarity of thought and greater emotional stability as their body adjusts to its new equilibrium. As such, there's no better way to restore harmony within than by using a beautiful tanzanite gemstone for chakra balancing!

Cleansing And Charging The Stone

Cleansing and charging your tanzanite gemstone is an important part of its use. It helps to replenish the stone's energy, making it ready for further healing and spiritual work.

To cleanse and charge your stone, you can do a simple ritual that will take less than five minutes. Start by holding your tanzanite in one hand while visualizing white light entering through the top of your head and flowing down into the tanzanite gemstone. As this happens, focus on what properties you would like to bring out from the stone. You may also want to say a chant or prayer during this process as well.

Once the visualization has ended, place the stone under running water for several minutes to help release any negative energy that has been absorbed up until now. Then put the stone outside in direct sunlight or moonlight for at least ten minutes so that it recharges itself with natural energies from both sources of light.

When finished with these steps, you can start using your charged tanzanite gemstone! Its cleansing and charging was done correctly and now its properties are available for use in whatever way you prefer – whether it be meditating with it or wearing it close to your heart.

Meditation With Tanzanite

Have you ever wondered if meditating with a tanzanite crystal could help to bring spiritual grounding? Well, let us delve into the possibility and explore what this beautiful gemstone can do for your meditation practice. Tanzanite is known as an excellent stone for those seeking spiritual awareness or growth.

The presence of such a powerful gem allows one to be more open to their own intuition during meditation, while also providing protection from outside energies. When using tanzanite in your meditation practice, focus on its colour and energy to create a sense of peace and stability within yourself.

This calming effect will allow you to go deeper into the depths of your inner being where true wisdom resides. The vibration of a tanzanite crystal will draw out any negative energy that may be blocking your path towards enlightenment. It is important to take time during each session with tanzanite to really connect with its power and energy so that these cleansing effects can occur.

When working with this gemstone, ensure that you have set up an altar space dedicated solely for your meditation practice. Place the crystal at the centre of the altar so that its energy can radiate throughout the entire area and act as both protector and guide in your journey towards personal transformation.

Tanzanite’s ability to harmonize mind-body-spirit makes it an ideal companion for anyone looking for some extra guidance on their meditative path.

Healing Uses Of Tanzanite

Tanzanite therapy has been gaining popularity recently as a way to promote wellness benefits. It's believed that wearing or carrying this gemstone can help realign your physical and spiritual bodies.

The energy vibrations from tanzanite are said to soothe emotional issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, and fear. This gemstone also helps people connect with their inner spirit by providing a sense of peace and harmony. Many believe it supports spiritual growth by encouraging positive thinking and optimism.

Additionally, some use tanzanite in meditation to deepen self-reflection and open themselves up to new perspectives. Tanzanite is also thought to have energetic cleansing properties that aid in detoxifying negative energy from the body.This beautiful stone is truly one of nature’s most remarkable gifts when it comes to health and wellbeing.

Whether you choose to wear it or incorporate it into your daily rituals, there’s no denying the potential power of using tanzanite for personal growth and transformation. With regular use over time you may find yourself feeling calmer yet energized at once - ready to take on whatever life throws at you!

Creating Intentions With Tanzanite

Back in the day, gemstones were believed to have magical properties and were thought to hold special meaning. Tanzanite is no different! This gorgeous gemstone holds powerful healing energies that can help us create our intentions for a better life.

The beautiful blue-violet hue of the tanzanite crystal has been known to open up spiritual realms and higher consciousnesses, allowing us to set our goals with clarity and focus.

Tanzanite is an excellent stone when it comes to creating intentions as its energy helps bring forth creativity and unblocks any stagnant or negative energy that could be holding us back from achieving our desires.

When setting your intention with the aid of this stone, allow yourself time alone where you can sit in stillness without distraction. Hold the stone close while focusing on one goal at a time, feeling its vibrations travel through your body until you become fully immersed within them.

As you're doing this visualization exercise, be sure not to attach too much emotion or pressure onto the outcome of your wishes because this will only cause stress instead of furthering progress towards success. The power of tanzanite lies within its ability to connect us deeply with our intuition and inner knowing; if used correctly, it can lead you down the right path towards fulfilling whatever manifestation process you decide upon!

So make sure to give thanks for all that is already present in your life before welcoming new opportunities with an open heart.

Caring For Tanzanite Jewelry

Caring for your tanzanite jewelry is essential if you want to enjoy its beauty for years to come. There are a few simple steps and practices that will help ensure your tanzanite jewelry remains in perfect condition. When it comes to storing your tanzanite jewelry, keep it away from other pieces of jewelry or items that could cause scratches or chips.

It's best to store each piece individually in a soft cloth pouch or box lined with velvet or another soft material. This will protect them from dirt and dust as well as knocks and bumps.

Avoid exposing the stones to extreme temperatures, including direct sunlight, which can damage their color and clarity over time.

To clean, Do not use any chemical cleaners on tanzanite because they may cause discoloration or dullness of the stone's natural brilliance. Finally, when wearing your tanzanite jewelry, take extra care due to its delicate nature - be aware that harsh chemicals like chlorine found in swimming pools may affect its sparkle and shine, so avoid wearing while engaging such activities.

Tanzanite is also sensitive to both heat and pressure so try not to wear it during physical work where either might occur – this includes gardening! With these tips in mind you should have no problem keeping your beautiful gem looking great for many years ahead.

Zodiac Connections

When it comes to zodiac connections, tanzanite gemstone has a lot to offer. It's believed that this powerful stone is associated with the astrological sign of Sagittarius – making it an ideal birthstone for anyone born under the sign. Tanzanite also has associations with Gemini and Libra, as well as other signs in the zodiac wheel.

The meaning behind each zodiac sign can be connected to how tanzanite affects us on an individual level:

* Sagittarius: This fiery sign represents adventure and freedom, which are two things that tanzanite encourages us to seek out. The vibrant blue hues of tanzanite help to open up our minds and hearts to new possibilities.

* Gemini: As one of the most intellectual signs in the zodiac wheel, Geminis need a gemstone that will stimulate their minds. Tanzanite can do just that by helping them tap into their creative potential and explore new ideas.

* Libra: Libras are known for their ability to balance different aspects of life, and tanzanite helps bring harmony into these areas.

With its calming energy, this gemstone can help Libras stay focused and centered while still enjoying life’s pleasures. Overall, no matter what your zodiac sign may be, there is something special about wearing or carrying a piece of tanzanite jewelry close to you - it's like having a reminder of all the positive qualities associated with your birth month!

Gemstone astrology adds another layer of meaning when selecting jewelry pieces for yourself or someone else; knowing what type of stone resonates best with each astrological sign allows you to make informed decisions based on birthstone meanings.


At the end of the day, tanzanite is a unique and powerful gemstone that offers many metaphysical benefits. It has an incredibly rich history, and its colors can range from blue to purple depending on how it’s cut. Its clarity and cut quality also make it stand out amongst other stones.

Tanzanite may be used for healing purposes as well as creating intentions in life. For those looking for a new zodiac connection, this gemstone could be the perfect choice for them.

With its stunning color variations and spiritual properties, Tanzanite can help give meaning to any moment or situation--and with proper care and attention, it will last a lifetime!

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