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The Amazing Properties of Orgone Energy

November 21, 2018

The Amazing Properties of Orgone Energy

Among the categories that we use to differentiate people, the most common one would be the doers and the dreamers. The doers would be full of energy which they will spend wisely to perform their tasks, while the dreamers would sit idle, dreaming many big things, while doing nothing.

The difference between these people are in their inner energy, or as some call it the chi or prana. When this energy is in a balanced state, positivity would fill in life and they would do many things. If it is in an imbalanced state, then the body will also experience a lot of difficulties. It is to prevent these situations, or heal, that orgonite is used. Orgonite can help in balancing the energy and keeping one’s mood up. Here are some amazing properties of orgone energy:

  • Orgone energy is mass free with no inertia or weight. This property makes it so difficult to weigh it using conventional techniques.
  • Orgone energy is omnipresent. It fills all spaces, but in different degrees or concentration. Be it in vacuum, atmosphere or space, there is the presence of awesome orgone energy.
  • Orgone energy is the basis of all natural phenomenon. It is regarded as the medium for electromagnetic and gravitational force and phenomena. Through the medium of orgone energy, positive vibes flow, light moves and the electromagnetic and gravitational force is exerted.
  • Orgone energy is in constant motion. If the conditions are appropriate and favorable, the flow of orgone energy can be viewed. Orgone energy is considered to flow in two characteristic ways: expanding and contracting like a pulse and a normal flow in a curving path.
  • Orgone energy flows from a lower potential to a higher potential. This helps orgone to play a crucial part in the growth of living things.
  • Orgone energy is responsible for life.

This energy provides loads of benefits in life and so let us take a look at a few:

  • Helps us feel better as it heals all energy blockages
  • Relationships between people improve
  • It promotes spiritual growth
  • Provides protection from EMFs
  • It purifies the atmosphere
  • It provides better sleep

These are some of the interesting properties and benefits that orgone energy provides. For the best purchases of orgone pyramid and pendant, you can always visitOrgonite Crystals. Our highlight is that we provide products at the most affordable rates, helping you fill your life with positivity, along with budget savings.



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