The Benefits of 7 Chakra Layered Gemstone Pendulum

January 18, 2019

The Benefits of 7 Chakra Layered Gemstone Pendulum

It is a time-proven fact that orgone energy has a positive effect on humans and all living things. This energy is the same as the chi or prana, the traditionally believed life forces, and it helps balance life and promotes well-being.

For leading a better life, it is essential that our life force is in balance. For our life fore to be in balance, special care must be given to our chakras and ensured that they too are in balance. When the chakras are unbalanced, you would start feeling negativity in life and many difficult situations. For balancing the chakra in imbalance, specific energy balancing products are required and one among them is the 7 Chakra Layered Gemstone Pendulum.

The7 Chakra Layered Gemstone Pendulum is one of the most sought after products atOrgonite Crystals. The popularity of this stylish product is all down to the great benefits it provides each wearer with. Being made of 7 crystals, each from the 7 chakras, this product helps in balancing the chakras and providing many other benefits. Let us have a look at those benefits:

  • Psychic Protection - Negative energy is always present around us and it is much difficult for us to escape from those negative energies. Being engulfed in them would trouble our minds and make us have negative thoughts all the time. But, wearing this gemstone pendulum or having it nearby you would help in protecting you from all those negative energies. The Amethyst crystal that balances the Crown Chakra enhances spiritual growth and provides you with psychic protection.
  • 7 Chakra Balancing - As mentioned before, it is imperative that the 7 chakras are in balance and harmony so that positivity fills your life. This awesome chakra pendulum is made with 7 powerful stones that harmonize and balance 7 chakras and cleanses all the Chakra blocks. This ensures the free flow of life force and a better life.
  • Self Healing - One of the stones in this Chakra necklace is the Yellow Aventurine stone. This stone represents the Solar Plexus Chakra and heals it. This helps to grow your self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem.
  • Positive Relationship - The Green Aventurine crystal helps in balancing and harmonizing the Heart Chakra. This helps in spreading positive relationship all over. The Green Aventurine crystal is also known as Love Booster, Heart Healing Stone, Positive Relationship Promoter etc.
  • Stable Mind - The Red Jasper crystal representing the Root Chakra helps in stabilizing, grounding and nurturing your unstable body, mind and soul.
The7 CHAKRA LAYERED GEMSTONE PENDULUM is available atOrgonite Crystals at the most affordable price of $19.95. The product is originally priced at $39.95, helping you save 50% on the order amount. Make your purchase now!

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