The Best Crystals to Boost Motivation

The Best Crystals to Boost Motivation

The Best Crystals to Boost Motivation

Have you felt those dry spells of being in a rut where nothing feels like it's moving forward or going anywhere at all? It is a widespread feeling that happens to the best of us. This lack of motivation makes us feel the blues with the full volume on.
There is nothing more self-consuming than the feeling of uselessness and being able to do nothing about it. This total loss of self-worth that comes along with it is like a disease. Motivation isn't even strictly an occupational thing.

Lack of motivation can drag you down and hamper your relationships, creative projects, progress with self-betterment goals, etc. This lack of motivation is caused by actual physical and metaphysical aspects of our life which we can control. But crystal healing provides us with solutions that can help us even more.

There are aspects about us like our physicality and mentality, which, when compromised in health, causes this lack of motivation. Let's look at some crystals and what they can do to give us better balance and raise our spirits again!

Crystals for Physical Energy and Vitality



The name means that this stone has some co-relation to blood. Bloodstone stimulates our heart, improving the quality and circulation of blood. Blood contains all of our ancestral memory, our DNA, and the entirety of our life force. When it is healthy, our thoughts, body, and mentality are all in good shape.


Another stone that works well with our vital organs, Carnelian works at a deep level, controlling slow movements. Carnelian's energy can easily be related to the heart's slow and steady beating; It ensures the rhythm and beat of the heart, which signifies order and alignment of the highest class.


A purification stone that helps detoxify the blood, absorb vitamins and minerals better, and ensure the correct working of vital organs. It also balances your cortisol, which controls our fight or flight response.

Tiger’s Eye

Highly beneficial for raising motivation by stimulating the third eye and solar plexus chakras. Tiger's eye also helps you find the inspiration to adjust your daily life to fit healthier habits.

Crystals to Find Direction and Balance

Crystal Balancing

Black Obsidian

Perfect stone to clear up energy blockages that keep you from finding that motivation. Black Obsidian also helps you connect with yourself better and find your purpose.


This bright yellow/orange stone starts working on a visual level as soon as you look at it. The uplifting, bright colors and tints make you feel motivated, and when you start to get to know this stone better, you realize it has a lot of properties that help your self-confidence and awareness.

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