The Digital Detox Crystal

The Digital Detox Crystal

The shungite, is known to be found 2 billion years ago in the village of shunga in Russia. Shungiteis almost a pure form of carbon and a powerful anti-oxidant. No one knows about its origin but the scientists are still finding out the powerful and amazing benefits that this stone carries. The shungite is coal black in colour having properties ranging from purity to protection. It has electricity conducting properties and hence useful for absorbing EMFs i.e the Electromagnetic fields created by electronic devices.

An Orgonite with radiation absorbing powers, it can be fixed below a microwave or a laptop or a mobile phone or tablet or absorb any free radicals produced by the device without affecting the device’s working.

Shungite is also used as an elixir. It can be placed in water for purifying it. Drinking this water has a lot of beneficial qualities such as cell rejuvenation, cell growth and detoxification of the body. . It has been used by the Russians as  a water purifier till today.

Holding the shungite and meditating, helps in increasing its healing powers manifold. It helps in healing back pains, blood pressure, and headaches. The healing properties are for the spirit as well. It helps cure insomnia reduce stress and relieve anxiety. The shungite is known to stabilise any organism that is harmful to your body.

Just as the shungite helps purify water; it also purifies the soul of any negative and toxic thoughts thus transforming negative energy into positive orgone or energy. The orgonite helps in controlling any toxic thoughts or emotions taking a physical toll on the health or preventing a person from progressing.  

The shungite has some medicinal properties too infact some of the medicines are made out of the shungite. It is known to be used for patients who have allergic conditions including asthma.

The black crystal is known to be used as an infuser of healing properties and positive vibrations when kept in water. This stone is used for spa and other skin treatments and can be used to cleanse skin and other related problems.

This crystal is used in meditation to calm the soul and clear the mind. It is also used in infusing the aura with intense light. This orgonite has a variety of benefits which includes transforming all the negative orgone into positive energy, medicinal properties and absorbing the EMF’s and as a water purifier thus making this black crystal a must have.



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