The Elements that make the 7 Chakra Gem Stone Pyramid

The Elements that make the 7 Chakra Gem Stone Pyramid

Having something beautiful and awesome near or around us would surely make our day. This is what our awesome product, the ORGONE 7 CHAKRA GEMSTONE PYRAMID GENERATOR is designed to do. With its sheer beauty and the orgone energy it disseminates, helps make your day.

The 7 CHAKRA GEMSTONE PYRAMID GENERATOR is one of our best products and the most sought-after. This pyramid is made of multiple gemstones that give it an appearance like none other. The gemstones also help heal and balance many of your emotions, keeping you calm, serene and the best version of yourself at all times. So, let us look what this pyramid is made of:

For the best conduction of energy, the pyramid has an outer conductive layer. This ensures that positive energy is disseminated to the surroundings and that it positively influences the life around it. Coming inside, as mentioned earlier, we can find multiple gemstones that influence different areas of our life.

The floor of the pyramid comprises of the crystal, the Red Jasper. The Red Jasper symbolizes empowerment and it helps in enhancing Stamina. It affects the Root chakra, the one of Earth, grounding, and survival. Above it, we can see the Red Carnelian (Orange). This gemstone aids motivation, creativity, and success. This stone represents the Sacral chakra, the chakra that symbolizes creativity.

Next comes the Yellow Jasper, influencing self-confidence and relationship. This stone stands for the Solar Plexus chakra, the chakra representing lifeforce, power, vitality and the ultimate healer. Above it is the protective stone, the most popular gemstone in the world, the Green Jade. This stone aids love and peace. The green stone stands for the Heart chakra, which is all about healing, love, and acceptance.

Above it is the blue stone, the Turquoise stone which stands for the Throat chakra. This chakra symbolizes communication and expression. This stone helps in refreshing, calming and in inducing good luck. The Lapis Lazuli stone with the indigo color stands for the Third Eye chakra. The gemstone helps in encouraging creativity and providing the individual with confidence. The top gemstone is the Amethyst stone representing the Crown chakra. This is the chakra of spiritual connections and enlightenment and the amethyst stone helps in energy healing and chakra balancing.

The other materials that are included in this pyramid are the copper dust, the vibrating crystal quartz point and the copper flower of life. All these combine to provide the best positive feeling and energy for you at all times.

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