The Fool’s Gold

The Fool’s Gold

The stone that draws energy from the earth and has the spark of fire has a gleaming beauty. The Pyrite sparkles like gold but there is nothing foolish about it. In fact it brings about confidence and a constant will to bring things to completion.

As a talisman the Pyrite is a protector against negative emotions, environmental pollutants and physical harm. It also supports in protecting the planet or for standing up concerning important issues of the community. It has an opaque colour with a strong gold like metallic lustre and sometimes can even be dark gold or brown.

The name pyrite is derived from the Greek word Pyr meaning fire. It is nicknamed as the fool’s gold as it has been mistaken as real gold by some naïve spectators.

 The pyrite was considered as a healing stone of magic by the native Indians in the Americas. It was used as an amulet or talisman to protect oneself against danger and harm. It is very useful to the on carrying any hazardous or dangerous work. It acts as a protective shield.

A piece of pyrite kept at home or in the workplace helps increase vitality and brings about progress whether in relationships or at work in leaderships. It is an ideal crystal for students as it helps in building up their creativity in art, maths science and architecture.

The orgonite has many medicinal uses too. It helps in the right diagnoses. It also helps fight cold, flu and other skin diseases. It lessens fever and reduces inflammation. It benefits the lungs and treats bone disorders. pyrite has been known to cure male impotency and infertility.

Pyrite is a crystal of positive energy. It absorbs and transforms all the negative orgone into positive orgone. This orgonite helps in emotional healing, overcome fears and accomplish tasks and become more dynamic and confident.

The gold crystal is also used in meditation for balancing the third chakra which is the solar plexus which is the epicentre of emotions. This orgonite brings about instant rebalancing and burst of energy. It aids in curing digestive problems and infectious and allergic reactions.

Known as stone used for manifestation it can be used to draw all the energy for bringing about abundance in ones life.The pyrite brings enthusiasm, success, happiness and power to the bearer of the crystal thus making it literally a crystal as marvellous as gold.



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