The History Of Orgonite

The History Of Orgonite


 A lot is being spoken about Orgonite, orgone energy, orgone generator, cloud busters these days. What are these all about? And what do they actually mean? To start the article with, the term Orgonite is derived from the word “orgone” which was used to label vital energy.  The energy was termed as “Qi” in Japan, “Chi” in China, “Ether” in Greece or “Prana” in India.

History of Orgone-

The existence of “Universal life energy” in all of nature was accepted with a little disputation, by the scientific community as well until the 19th century. Though its existence was questioned, some discoveries that were made in 20th& 21st centuries by some pioneers built up a new interest in this life energy. From here starts the involvement of Dr. Wilhem Reich.

 He was an Austrian psychiatrist who used the term orgone to describe invisible subtle energy. He had observed that the energy did not follow the laws of electricity or magnetism. Similar concepts of invisible life force energy are known to be present for thousands of years now. He was of the opinion that mental and physical health is based on the flow of biological energy through the body.

Properties of Orgone - Some properties of orgone are listed below, though the list is not exhaustive.

  • Orgone is polarized
  • Affected by living things
  • It has the ability to penetrate and travel along materials at varying speeds
  • It is in constant motion
  • Orgone flows in the direction of magnetic fields
  • Moves slowly ( 50 meters in 20 seconds)
  • Flows upwards
  • It is present everywhere in varying concentrations



What is Orgonite? What does it do?

Orgonite  material is invented on the basis of discoveries by late Wilhem Reich. In the early 1930’s he was able to measure the universal life energy with the use of modified Geiger counter. Orgonite is known to be a mix of metals, resin and quartz crystal, which is known to create a self-driven, self-cleansing orgone energy generator. The primary function of Orgonite is converting negative energies into positive ones. This conversion is known to take place within the internal crystalline matrix. Orgonite is known to generate positive orgone which creates a positive impact on the physical, mental health, emotional and spiritual facets of life. It can be used for protection, wellbeing and healing as well. This takes by the creation of a balanced and positive energy-charged atmosphere.



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