The Significance of Orgonite Shapes

The Significance Of Orgonite Shapes

Orgonites are Orgone energy devices that can be used to transform Deadly Orgone energy into Positive Orgone energy. It has numerous benefits on living beings, the climate, flora, foods, water etc. There are 3 basic ingredients that make up an orgonite- Resin, Metal shavings & Quartz Crystals.

Orgonites can be made in many different ways, keeping the basics constant. You may use metals and resins of your choice, depending upon the availability and convenience. Similarly, Orgonites can be made in various shapes and sizes. Each shape is known to have its individual properties. The form of Orgonite is said to amplify its effects.

Bigger Orgonites will be more powerful than the smaller ones. For instance, take the base of the cloud buster which is the size of hundreds of Towerbusters in one bloc. But remember bigger is not always better, especially if the orgonite is made wrongly.

Talking about the shapes, orgonite can be made in any shape of your choice. However, not all shapes will keep the power of Orgonite intact.

Cubic/Square- This form/shape is probably the worst. It is because energies will not flow well in 90 degree corners. Let me tell you why, imagine water flowing in squared tubes. The water will bounce back. Won’t it?  Thus, an Orgonite having a cube/square shape will restrict the flow of energies in all directions. This can heavily affect the working of orgone energies in a beneficial manner.

Round- Round shapes are known to the softest. This is because they enable the flow of fluids and waves. The same principle stands true in case of Orgone. Smooth flow of energies means the DOR will be effectively converted to POR and the desired orgone effect will take place.

Pyramid-The pyramidal shape is very interesting and is known as an amplified-receiver or resonator of various energies. When inside the pyramid, energies are known to interact with each other. A spherical field like a 3D globe of harmonic variations is created inside the pyramid, where the wave patterns are rhythmic. Thus, everything inside the field will move towards harmony.

Thus, it is essential to keep in mind the pros and cons of various shape and sizes of an orgonite. In order to receive the most out of an orgonite it is better to choose a round shape or a pyramid, as they accelerate the benefits of the orgone energy by many folds.



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