The story behind Lemurian Crystals

The story behind Lemurian Crystals

The Story Behind Lemurian Crystals

Lemurian quartz is a variety of quartz that embodies the soft, loving energies of the angelic and cosmic realms. This crystal can assist a person to find balance within himself and join with the Divine energy.
It assists one in the opening to the energy of the soul. By connecting with the energies of Lemurian crystals, you can access the programming of the Lemurian race.
Lemurian quartz crystals are a wonderful tool to use when cleansing and activating the chakras. This crystal will assist you in removing all types of energy blockages.
Lemurian Crystals
This crystal is also known as “Lemurian Seed Crystal” or “Lemurian Star Seed”. These crystals were originally found in Brazil. Legends state that there was once an advanced ancient civilization call Lemuria, similar to Atlantis but more spiritually developed and peaceful.
As the end of their time on Earth was coming to an end, the Lemurians programmed these crystals to teach their messages of oneness and healing - messages that would be revealed when the energy on Earth was ready to receive them.  The Lemurians then planted (or “seeded”) the Lemurian Crystals, encoded with their ancient knowledge and wisdom, to be found centuries later by us.
These crystals are found in different shapes that have a distinct appearance. However, they are mostly found in the shape of a Laser wand, where the faces at the tip of a Lemurian crystal are small and gently taper in size from base to the tip.
Lemurian crystals have the potential to help you to improve your life personally and while they can be used as crystal healers, they are generally a tool for working on yourself.
If you meditate with the help of Lemurian crystals, you can connect with your spirit guides or guardian angels.
Once you establish this connection, you will feel a strong feeling of deep unconditional love developing inside you. Using Lemurian crystals on a regular basis not only helps you to stay balanced but also gives you a new perspective towards life.

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