The Truth About Orgonite

The Truth About Orgonite

What is an orgonite?

Orgones came into existence when it was first used by the scientist Wilhelm Reich to identify Life Force Energy.

Through a detailed intricate research on Orgonites , it was identified that by layering organic and inorganic matter, all the forces of energy can be cleaned, condensed, and magnified. He created devices in order to use energy and cure illnesses or change the weather.

What are the effects of Orgonite?
With the use of this, you can transform any negative energy into positive energy. It will absorb everything that is negative and unbalanced and make it positive balanced energy.
 It works on your chakras and clears out blockages, hence improving your vital life force energy.

What are the uses of Orgonite?
There are many uses of Orgonite that work towards enhancing the life positively of an individual. Always keep your orgonites in places where you work, sleep, and live. This brings a positive and uplifting sense of energy.

To have a peaceful sleep
If you place a piece in your bedroom, you will have a very peaceful sleep, free of nightmares, with vivid dreams. Isn’t that amazing?

Create a calm environment
If you happen to have a chaotic or stressful work environment, by placing an orgonite, there will be more peace and tranquillity. It creates a field of harmony and transforms every negative energy into positive energy.

Energize your food
You can use herbal teas on the orgone generator, and it will increase the potency. If you want to charge it and increase the high-frequency energy, you can also place rings or bracelets on top of the pyramids.

Enhanced Meditation
Clutching onto an orgone piece cancels out any low vibrations and negative influences around you, creating more peace, relieving fatigue and stress. It balances your energy and rings you in a more active state.

Raise Your Consciousness Level
Orgonite will help raise the vibration and frequency of your energy field. It will bring in high spiritual frequencies that will hasten your spiritual growth. Simply holding or wearing the orgonite will help one achieve this.

Emotional Healing
It is often noted that people receive emotional healings with the use of an orgonite. It absorbs the emotional charge and neutralizes the energy. This helps in getting rid of any previous life traumas and clears them, making your present life peaceful.


So what are you waiting for? Explore the truth about your inner self and invest in an Orgonite that would enhance your being.



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