The ultimate guide to EMF radiation protection 2019

The ultimate guide to EMF radiation protection 2019

We are surrounded by innumerable natural sources of radiation, such as cosmic rays, radioactivity, terrestrial magnetic flux, and everyday events such as sunlight. In this century, man has created, through technology, innumerable artificial sources, from radio waves, through lighting, to the most advanced microwave communication systems.

Is it possible to protect yourself effectively from electromagnetic radiation? In many cases, the answer is totally affirmative.

Fortunately, there are currently contrasted materials and scientific endorsements that provide a solution to many cases of electromagnetic radiation.

We have special paints that can be used on interior and exterior walls, usually based on graphite or silver particles, fabrics that can be used in curtains, bed skies as well as semi-transparent window vinyl's, or special meshes for embedding in walls. These types of materials are very effective in radiation by high frequency, i.e. mobile phone antennas, wireless routers, DECT phones, WIFI, DTT broadcast antennas, radar stations, etc. They are also useful for deriving the electric field in low-frequency radiation.


• Try to avoid electrical appliances or electrical wiring near the head of your bed.

• Keep your face or head at a safe distance from fluorescent tubes or lamps.

• Avoid working with laptops on your body for long periods, even more, if they are connected to the network.

• Do not let your children get too close to the TV or monitor and monitor the places of their rooms, where the wall conceals appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators, electric ovens, or household appliances, etc.

• Also, do not abuse plastic materials and surfaces that tend to load statically as well as carpets, fabrics and synthetic clothing.

• Do not forget the importance of having an adequate grounding in your home to reduce contamination by electric fields.

• If you have to buy a house, avoid the extreme closeness of high voltage towers or transformers.


• Try not to abuse the use of the mobile phone. Look at options such as the use of hands-free or armored textile, to shield, but you have no other choice.

• Do not leave the WIFI of your Router on all day. The best recommendation is to replace wireless access with a network cable.

• Do not use current DECT cordless phones for your home, which emit large doses of radiation. If you have no choice but to use a cordless phone, look at the ECO DECT type options, which at least avoid the emission when the phone is resting on the base.

Observe your surroundings well, before acquiring a house where, a few meters away, you will find repeater antennas for mobile telephones, radars, etc.


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